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It seems like Eric there, several teams that receivers absolutely and receiving has got paid this off season pretty nicely. So you know, I bring up the Packers. I would say that they're at least ten teams with the Cowboys themselves Kizer fever and they cut does. So I think that in your what a smart team, like the patriots passes on him for a guy like Eric decker. I think that that's all you really need to say about him. But I still think that especially like all this chip that he's have on his shoulder. I gotta think it comes back here. Employers, someone, which I think he will. He's going to be really have something to prove and, and that's dangerous situation because this guy is of course still absolutely hugely talented and a really good they got, especially in the rundown that could be productive in scoring touchdowns. Let's let's stick with the talented injured players for a second. And this is one of the more fascinating stories to me right now, the shod Brillon thing he worked out for the patriots contract previously worked out for the ravens, the colts, the Browns, the raiders chiefs, something has to really Packers something has to be really wrong here, right? Because this is a good cornerback. Yeah, for sure. The I, he's very cornerback. The injury is definitely not being then you know, just kind of goes along with what you're saying about does where you know you signs where he signed a line originally. Right? And then they ultimately. Yeah. So I think that's another thing where, oh, I don't know what maybe there was something else that happened beyond the injury, maybe something off the field. I don't want to speculate too much about that, but it just feels odd that you wouldn't have landed somewhere. Maybe it'll take significant injury to some corner somewhere to get him signed, visit, good player. Like, you know, he's gonna blow you away with speed, but he is a really good player and you know, with the bigger body types on the outside the NFL, you know, I think that this could be a very good boundary corner ever someone maybe his, you know, maybe his financial demands are just too high to to land somewhere right now because he did sign a very significant deal with Carolina when he did and they three year twenty four million. Contract, eleven and guaranteed money. And then you know, he has thing where he gets the cut on his foot when he's in the Dominican that becomes infected. Apparently, that was a problem that he had earlier in life when he sort of got run over a little bit by a golf cart needed a skin graft. I needed another skin graft after this, the contract's void. He's a free agent and now there is no place for Shelby. Lynne is this, I wonder if he's a guy who would be a good fit and San Diego after unfortunately, Jason d'arret got injured again. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean grad Brett more of slot, I think. Right and Bruin more outside balladry, but I still think you know, when you lose a guy like that, like or or you know, just in general, I think Bruin you know, permit depth perspex perspective. I think what the NFL going to three and four receiver sets and tight ends being flexed out Bruins a very useful player and you just post guys down the debt start a little bit. And especially if you have younger corners that you're allying on any Bruin makes a lot of sense on a two year deal with some decent guarantees. But you know, he's looking for similar deal to what he got in Carolina. That's just not going to happen for them right now, especially without a full off season training with the specific team in visited games, what just a terrible, terrible situation that San Diego has gone with threat here. This is a really talented guy in fifteen. He looks like he's, he's has the makings future star cornerback. He gets hurt and sixteen only played four games. Tears, achilles on the first day of training camp last year or sorry or this season MRs. All twenty seventeen. This is he just can't stay healthy. Yeah. And I mean, I don't wanna search subject too much. The chargers have just gotten ruined by injury. Oh, off their Florida. Corey legions. Also offer four weeks of suspension, Joey Bosa left practice today. Probably their best defensive player. With that right now, that is being reported nothing serious, so we don't have to worry about good..

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