Marijuana Stocks Surge; Canopy Growth Hits New High After Ebbu Buy


Major pot deal sending. We'd socks blazing higher today and sparking what could be a huge week to the face a DD Roy's in San Francisco with more on the cannabis craze, Heidi. Hi, there Melissa, the big week in the cannabis industry is kicking off with some cross-border news, a head of the Canadian legalization canopy growth announcing that it will acquire the assets of Ebel a Colorado based hemp research company for nineteen million dollars plus six point. Two million shares of the most notable part of this deal is that it marks canopies entry into US operations in a statement canape saying the deal will complement and accelerate multiple core verticals operating under canopy growth group of companies. The Dale sent shares of canopy growth up and had other pot stuff's lighting up ahead of Canada's. Legalisation industry watchers are also looking ahead to the US market analysts are responding to Representative Dana Rohrabacher. Comments last week that he expects that President Trump will pursue federally legalizing medical marijuana, following the midterm elections, and they're urging caution noting that the White House has not confirmed the comment. In the meantime, US cannabis companies are also asking President Trump to change federal

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