Scott Belsky brings Photoshop to the iPad

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Week's interview episode is with Scott Belsky from adobe. He's adobe chief product officer in charge of creative cloud and adobe just put out Photoshop c. c. four, the ipad. It's the full code base of Photoshop on the ipad. It's taken them forever to do it. They finally made the move. We actually got an early preview of it. We've had it for a week before the announcement. Lee, one of our tech reporters and an excellent web comic artists has been using it for a week. You can look at that video on the site. Dominant. I sat down with Scott. We talked about why they decided to put Photoshop on the ipad. Now how it's going to be different and where it's going next to really interesting interview that gets, I would say a little bit philosophical a little bit weird. I think you're gonna like it, check it out. Okay. We're here with Scott Belsky who is the chief product officer at adobe. He oversees of creative cloud. Thanks for trying to Scott. Thanks for having me and I actually brought Donnelly. One of our reporters who actually is good at using shopping illustrator, unlike I mean, I've been using it for a while, but I think with Photoshop it's something that you kind of learn over time and it's like just so many features on it that it can take like years. I think to just master like everything. Yeah, yeah, which is both a great end somewhat challenging thing for new users as well. Right. It's certainly true. So speaking of Photoshop, Scott, you have really exciting news this week. You announced it max, which is your conference that Photoshop is coming to the ipad, which it wants feels like now is exactly right time. Apple's got the pencil. They got ipad pros talking about new ipad pros and then also super overdue. So where do you, where do you think that lands on the spectrum of chronology. Well, I have a lot of personal history on this topic. My last tenure at adobe after adobe acquired Behan, which is company that I founded many years ago. I also took on responsibility overseeing the mobile products organization, which at the point where we were starting this up in, say, two thousand thirteen, two thousand fourteen there was not much there. And the goal of course, was always bring our conic products like Photoshop to mobile products as well as ipads and Android devices, not sort of thing. I mean, embarked on a process to do that. But even the thought of putting something like Photoshop to a mobile device was almost laughable at that time. And instead the teams were thinking, okay, how do we bring some of the features that people would want to do on a product Photoshop to mobile? How do we maybe allow you to push a file that is compatible with a Photoshop in a desktop like product and there were number of explorations, and I remember at the launch of ipod pro for apple. One of my team members was in the keynote. We had worked in continue what really closely with apple now. But at this time we were really proud to launch a few different Photoshop branded products on the ipad pro. It was an exciting keynote and we shared it. And then at the end, an apple executive came up to me and said, yeah, this is great. Thanks for working with us, but whence Photoshop. It was just like, oh, you know, we just had this huge launch and we're so excited about what we're pushing out in the world. But he was saying something that everyone else, including, you know, our team was thinking, which is what, if you could really have native Photoshop, like

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