We break down what 5G will really be like (The 3:59, Ep. 475)

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Welcomes drift. Roger Chan, I'm Joanie sauce. We kicked off a new package on five g. today in our leadoff story takes a look at what five g. will actually feel like one launches and this is my story. I, I took care to basically type poke holes at all the hype around five g. basically don't expected to change your life right away. Coverage is going to be spotty or non existent. Your phones might run out of batteries really fat or run a power really fast. They're my problem with content getting onto five. JIRA game kicked back down for four g. basically all the problems we saw when we transitioned LT probably see with five. Jeez, sounds amazing. Right? Eventually. So yeah, look, this is the excitement over five g. I think justified in terms of what it can do for us over the long term when this actually gets built out and as a bit more mature. But the sore is really on reminder that with all the hype like early on, that things aren't going to go smoothly as everyone says, it will what's for win will reach that point of maturity that pseudo maturity like prematurely, but not like clunky doesn't actually work. I would say twenty twenty s probably the the better timeframe t mobile has said that they they're promising nationwide network by twenty twenty nationwide by twenty twenty. And that'll that that'll definitely get a couple of faster if they can buy with sprint eighteen Reisen probably be not that far behind. And then most of the Asian countries have started building out or will build up most of their networks at that point. So. I think that's the point where like you can start to actually get excited g. Okay. Next up our own even Shanklin had a nice breakdown on how Google uses computational photography to Busey ability of the single camera on the pixel three, for instance, uses to make better portrait photos takes a budget, exterior shots and combines them for a better low light photos night shot and got some because super high rez is basically making up for the lack of an optical zoom lens uses data to kind of fill in the blanks. So Kusaba is this enough Joan to convince you that only one cameras, all you need on a phone. You know how I like a multiple cameras on phones that Samsung four-camera four shooting, but I think that sounds great. I mean, it sounds really cool the ability to do all these fans now is the computational photographer. You what also enables the stuff like the wide selfie mode and like the. The thing that will fix when you are blinking in the middle of your photo. So the white selfie mode, they actually will have a second camera on the front. That is a wide selfish Cam. So that's not that's not competent. You can't really use data for that before in terms of fixing things. Succinct blemishes. Yeah, that's what that probably what Google's Bagga trick soul about. Lastly, Joan you were covering. Noth- looks earnings last night and if there was some concern that those can be a blip or well, yeah. Last quarter. With earnings, always about expectations of anything. The only thing that people ever care about enough Lexus, how many subscribers did you add? Three months ago. Netflix said we had a subscribers just not as many as we said. We want and everyone freaked out. So last night people are really worried that maybe this was Netflix standing on the brink of downturn, especially because other companies and technology haven't been doing so great, but Netflix said, you know, he's up, you have this. We actually like, did a lot better than that. And so everyone freaked out. But yeah. Interesting that that they're seeing that success given the sheer number of streaming services that are launching now like, yeah, Netflix is just for the core. The no one really gives up, right. I mean, people always say, if you're going to have a streaming service, the mindset that consumers have is like you're going to have maybe y'all, two, maybe three, and one of them's going to be not lex, very, go for full coverage on CNN and Joni. Solomon thatch listening.

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