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It's recess at what world wind this week has been, and I don't want to alarm you, but it's only Tuesday speaking of which the work week is too long. Why isn't it for days of business and three days of brunch? As would be fair, it's time for the news or as I like to call it your recess from the real news here we go today in news that is great, Meghan Markle and Meghan. Markle's husband, Prince, Harry, I haven't baby. I'm very excited for them. And I know this baby will be very, very cute. But just in case, maybe riana and Archie from Riverdale should have a baby to just so recovered also because Cardi b. chose to name her baby culture. The very, very good name. Cardi baby is still up for grabs. So somebody take advantage of that. Do you wanna party with Ilan musk me neither. But here's the thing. Elon Musk has his own brand of tequila called tesla Keila as in tesla Keila for when you want to get drunk and talk about space and how smart you are and where did everybody go? The k pop group b. t. s. of idle. The song's lash music video of the summer is making a movie. The movie is called burn the stage colon, the movie, and it comes out November fifteenth to screaming. Crowds of me. I'm gonna see it k- pop his gripped me and it won't let go. It feels like eating cotton candy with my eyeballs while various genres of music play all at once and I love it for some reason, Michael boo, Blais who is in many ways. The opposite of k. pop is retiring from using altogether. All Michael boob way don't go when you sing. It's like a roomba made entirely of velvet is rolling through my brain, and there's no way to replicate that no way that is safe. At least as you may remember Willem Dafoe is playing Vincent Van Gogh in a movie because their names rhyme. That's okay. Testing works right. The thing is willing to fo- is sixty three and Van Gogh was only thirty seven when he died. But according to Willem that's no big deal. He said quote, I was surprised that he was only thirty seven years old and then I looked and did some research on what the average age of mortality was in France in the late nineteenth century forty years old. Now it's seventy years old. So without being too cute about it, today's seventy was yesteryears forty and quote, you heard it here folks from Willem Dafoe seventy is the new forty eighty is the new fifty and by nineteenth century French standards. I am a twelve month old baby who for some reason has student loans. All I can think about today is brunch who wants to go get pumpkin spice. Pancakes with me. I'm raising my own hand because that's called self care. Take care guys. I've alluvia Harewood at if you enjoy recess, keep it going by becoming a patron at patriot dot com. I will catch you next time and until then recess journed. The podcast you just heard was published with anchor, got something you want to say to the creator of the show, send them a voice message using the anchor app free for an Android.

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