Kathleen Kennedy Re-Ups With Lucasfilm for 3 More Years

/Film Daily


Big news is that Kathleen Kennedy is returning as look as film president, Chris, would we know? Yes. So after solo Star Wars story didn't do that. Well, at the box office, there were rumors swirling all over the internet specifically on YouTube where literally anyone can report on anything. If they have a camera claiming that Kathleen Kennedy was out, I actually had someone at me on Twitter literally saying, I know for a fact, Kathleen Kennedy has already been fired, and you'll see, I swear to God. You have a same youtuber said that what dark Phoenix wasn't even going to be released. I think yes, the more of the story is people on YouTube are wrong, but so yeah. In light of all these rumors news just broke that Kathleen Kennedy has reappeared deal to be Lucas film president for at least three more years. So for three more years, Kathleen Kennedy will still be running all things Star Wars, and Indiana Jones and other Lucasfilm

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