Dak Prescott of Dallas Cowboys rises to 'challenge' vs. New York Giants


New York following Sunday night football tonight. Dallas Cowboys in the New York Giants both teams coming in at all in one both teams trying to avoid that dreaded Owen to Mark. And both teams coming in after being bit offense challenged in week number one. How would this one play out? Well for the Dallas Cowboys who struggled to score points against Carolina Panthers last week. It was not going to be the same this week. In fact, it took them only three plays on their opening drive to show everyone that this was going to be a little bit different breast got under center. Play action sets the throw look at the table in Austin. Got it. Sixty four Prescott to the speed. Tabloids on top six. So a six nothing lead. Just three plays in a sixty four yard touchdown pass. And a quick just a little bit more than ninety seconds as it turned out before the Dallas Cowboys had the lead in this game. Extra point was good. They had themselves a seven nothing lead. The offense wasn't really necessarily the story for Dallas in the first half. It was more the defense. They shut the giants down. The giants were unable to do anything offensively throughout the entire of that first half. Dallas added a field goal. Also in that first quarter at the end of a sixty four yard drive and had a ten nothing lead after one. It was the same ten nothing lead. If they ended up having at halftime in this ball game James came out with the opening kick off the second half and tried to get something going offense after putting up to seventy nine yards in the first half. However, Dallas Dallas's defense which had given manning fits in the first half continue to do so right after halftime Barkley motion to the right side of manning who creep in towards the line now back up clapping for the snap raising. His right foot off gets the shotgun. Snap. Head high pressure companies loose out. It's coming up by the Cowboys taco Charlton scoops up the loose ball after Damian Wilson. Manning up. Albouy sack this one results in a turnover and Dallas has the football inside the giant thirty. Turned out. The Brett Maher would hit a second field goal as a result of that turnover. His second of the game a twenty nine yard and few minutes into the third quarter was thirteen to nothing Dallas on top giant struggled to get offense going as we said all night long, the main safety valve rely was saquon Barkley as it turned out do end up getting targeted sixteen times out of the backfield at fourteen catches for eighty yards on the night. He's part of the drive New York put together ultimately to get into Dallas territory and their deepest penetration offensively to that point of the nine eleven plays. A sixty six yard drive. It took more than six minutes off the clock as it turned out. We're not going to be able to get into the end zone, but other grocers hit a twenty eight yard field goal to get New York on the board with four and a half left to go in the third. It was thirteen to three game. That's when the Dallas Cowboys not long thereafter, put together with turned out to be the drive of the game as they began at their own eighteen yard line this coming late. I should say. Early in the fourth quarter early in that fourth quarters. They took over the eighteen yard line. The giants were looking to hold defensively down just by nine. But Dallas was methodical. Dallas was strong running the football. Dallas was also led by their quarterback. Dak Prescott downfield in a fourteen play drive that took almost eight and a half minutes remaining in the game off the clock. And it was their bread truck. Ultimately put this game away third and two at the six Prescott the gift to Ezekiel Elliott breaks, the tackle. Elliot. Touchdown. Tackle up. Corinne, Mark on the right side left. Dovan for six nineteen to three Dallas what five forty five to go. Not a huge statistical game Zeke. You'll Elliott seventeen carries. Seventy eight yards with that touchdown as we said, basically put it away with by forty five left to go. The extra point made it at twenty two three ballgame. This is when New York finally found its offensive sea legs and moved the ball down the field. Although his Jason pointed out that especially quickly in the closing minutes of his game down by seventeen points. It was an eleven play seventy five yard drive. They didn't use their timeouts. It took the more than four minutes to get it done. And Eli manning finally found the end zone about as open as you can along the right hash. Manning drops the drill pressure coming throws over little wide open. His tight end. Evan. In the middle of the end zone. And it's a touchdown Ingram with his first touchdown grab of the year. He manning what his first touchdown pass and an easy voter Ingram to keep the giants. Live hopes alive into the end zone for the first time that I now down twenty two. Reason the hopes were slammed as there was only one twenty seven left to go in the game. After the extra point. It was twenty two ten that meant there had to be an onside kick and the giants recovered that onside kick then after eight plays. They elected to go for the thirty eight yard field goal Rosa's drill bat with just eleven seconds to go. What it meant was New York could recover the next onside kick it would have an opportunity maybe for hail Mary to the end zone and a miracle comeback to get the game tie roses. Onside kick sailed over the head and everyone dribbled out of bounds. At basically was Gandhi your ballgame. Donaldson the ball over the forty yard line took a need and they had themselves a victory a much needed victory. Ended up starting out this season for them twenty to

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