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You can follow me on Twitter at JIMBO talks as we're gonna be talking in this portion of the program with just what President Trump can do now that he has divided government. We're going to be taking a look at some options that are put forward by foundation. President at George Mason University Scully at school of law f h Buckley to join us tonight with this particular summary of thoughts that he's put together. Good to have you again with us on the program tonight. Jim great to be with you. Absolutely. You take a look at a couple of previous models that involves presidents who wound up with a split government one Barack Obama in two thousand ten and the other was Bill Clinton and light team. Mighty four. Give us your thoughts. Well, the thing is with the two models. One is with Obama. If you're so cocksure about yourself. I do think the history banks. Your way you can just ignore. What happened? And try to rule by yourself as a elected monarch. So Obama said I've got a pen, I've got a call, and I don't need congress, and he proceeded to ignore them. Meanwhile, back in nineteen ninety four after after the shellac that Bill Clinton received he hired dick Morrissey, triangulate it he announced that the next state of the union that the era of big government was over proceeded to cut deals with Newt Gingrich. And the, you know, the country was the better for it. So we got we got welfare reform, we got a tax cuts, and and that's the model, but I would propose or Trump, and let me say one thing you said now Trump has divided government. Well, are we have divided government? Actually, I think we did in two thousand sixteen because the Republican party was completely split. So there's as much opportunity for daily now is there was two years ago. Yeah. That's what I was noting the other night. I said, you know. It's very possible that the public simply grew tired of all that legislation pouring out of the last congress, and they decided to vote the straight paralysis ticket because they didn't want so many laws being passed little sarcasm there. I would agree. Frank. I agree. I agree. If you wanna go backwards parallel of nineteen forty six in the do nothing congress. You know? I mean, they're stuff happen. We passed tax reform. And, you know, large parts of the Trump agenda were left on the floor. You couldn't get them through a Republican congress. And so it's entirely reasonable for the electorate to say, okay. Well, the, you know, the congressional Republicans didn't do it, you know, and frankly, the congressional Republicans really aided Trump. I mean, they didn't put their money into trouble. You know, h the Republican congressional campaign committee told it's people don't talk about Trump mentioned his name, and we're not going to give money to support Trump to candidates. Well, I'm curious about about this notion of the new Republican congress, a minority congress to be sure. But from the standpoint of that reasoning is this congress, although smaller in numbers any likely it likelier to let's say align itself with the with President Trump. We're, you know, you'll probably get continue to have good stuff done on judges Ruth Ginsburg took a nasty fall. And we wish her the best. You know on the other hand, she's it's certainly for her to think of a retiree. No. Although she probably isn't. It'll be they'll probably be some vacancies in supreme court may Welby and and the lower courts, and we've got a Republican Senate that'll take care of that. But in other respects with respect to a domestic agenda. There are opportunities for deals. I would think so. Back to that that appointment power the confirmation in the Senate. And as I have noted rather rather caustically that that movie they made about Ginsburg, the notorious BG might have to be retitled weakened that ruthies. But. That would be terrible. I should have my mouth washed out with soap. But but no seriously. You're right. She she desperately wants to hang in until January twentieth of of twenty twenty one when she hopes that a democrat will be president, my guess is a chill retire on that that day. Probably if in fact, there is a democrat who defeats the president for for reelection. But again, your riot. She's she's getting on up there when she eighty-five, you know, I don't look I remember seeing a movie theater twenty years ago, and she looked incredibly frail. Yeah. And she does have a personal trainer and all that. But I mean, and I gotta give her credit for hanging in there. I personally wish you're a long and very happy and healthy life in retirement. But but again, we'll see. But if the president gets another another supreme court nominee. It's a lot easier to get it through this. More Republican Senate. Although at this juncture, we don't know precisely how much more Republican a replacement for attorney general, for example, other major appointments that and of course, a slew of of district and circuit court federal judges that's an area where the president had the chance to cement his legacy for decades. Absolutely, right. Yeah. You know? So so the, you know. Holding the Senate is a big deal. Obviously. And as for the house, you know, frankly, the White House's thinking at this point. Let's cut deals. You know, Trump did not run as a Paul Ryan Tyke Randers Uber libertarian. He ran as kind of middle of the road on economics and their deals to be made. Yeah. In fact, he has never been that doctrinaire. I've I've referred to him as having a great versatility of conviction. Although he does seem to have more or less. Adopted my viewpoint, and I'm glad that he has. But he he he was never a person with a quote, viewpoint. He was always a person with an attitude and apparently for for many voters that was that was sufficient so looking at where he stands right now. Let's take the issue of of immigration is it a safe bet that the president is going to sit down with Chuck Schumer, and and Nancy Pelosi and essentially offer them it'd be sort of like land for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. It would be a basically a wall for DACA amnesty? Is it was that what we're going to see? Absolutely, right. I mean that was the deal that Chuck Schumer offered back when and we turned down. But I think we turned it down correctly. But but the elements of a dealer there, you know, funding for the wall or for some kind of border security. I'm not sure what will look like and give up back. You know, most Americans are wedding ready to to to let the kids stay the dreamers. Okay. The one fly in the orphaned, by the way without dealer year ago is when the DEM say, you know, give a stack, and we will agree in the future to fund the wall. You know? You can trust them about as far as you could trust the Soviets, basically the problem, but that would be the element of a deal. But the other part of it is. Yeah. You don't there's all this craziness with our legal immigration system. And maybe we can't do a complete overhaul. But there's some things we can do. I mean, for example, we have this absolutely crazy system of lottery for about fifty thousand entrance a year. That's absolutely nuts. So so there are things, and we can admit more people on the basis that they create jobs so that that would be the element of a deal fair enough. All right. More to come as we're talking with Frank. Buckley? He is foundation professor at the George Mason University Scalia school of law in author and columnist, and we're taking a look at what now for the Trump administration in terms of dealing with a divided congress in his Frank correctly notes. Not exactly like bills were coming out of the congress like candy bars out of a slot machine before this. So it might not be that much of a change for President Trump. We'll come back. We'll take a look at the chairs of various committees in congress. And what direction they may take the congress because the majority has a lot of power in congress subpoena power. And it means something that in fact, this change has taken place in addition to that we'll take a look at possible. Other changes in the administration. Beyond Jeff Sessions, and it'd be on Nikki Haley, one eight six six five zero JIMBO is our number. We'll be back in a moment from a bear messing up the car interior through a deer damaging a pool liner, we've covered it talked to farmers. We know what thing too because we've seen a thing or two we are. Underwritten by farmers.

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