Thousand Oaks shooting survivor was friends with the gunman


Steve kastenbaum. New york. Reports of an active shooter at a high school in North Carolina caused panic this morning. Fortunately, though, as correspondent TJ Katini tells us faulty plumbing was to blame for that scare after nine one one callers predawn report of gunfire coming from the roof of topsoil high school in North Carolina responding off through say they heard the same noises, but found no shooter victims or evidence of a shooting. Instead, they found a malfunctioning water heater. Officers were told by the school maintenance crew that he had been malfunctioning for the last few days. Enter county sheriff Carson Smith stressed that despite the false alarm causing three schools to be placed on lock down and traffic backed up for miles. He thought everyone did exactly what they should have done. I'm TJ routine. WW J news time eleven thirty four as we hear from correspondent, Linda Kenyon. Senate. Democrats are said to be mulling over possible legal action to challenge. President Trump's decision to appoint Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general the potential lawsuit. When argued that Whitaker's appointment violated the senate's advise and consent role as stated in the constitution. Senator Richard Blumenthal says senators are studying the issue to see if they're challenge could hold up in court, Democrats and some Republicans have raised concerns about the potential impact Whitaker could have on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the two thousand sixteen election. Senators say Whitaker is a political appointee. Who is not serving in a Senate confirmed position in the Justice department Whitaker had previously. Made negative comments about the investigation, including whether it should be terminated by paring down its funding. Linda Kenyon, Washington. New lawmakers elected on Tuesday got a tour of the capital today as part of an orientation that including state Representative elect Pedra Padma coupon from Troy she says, she's already has an idea of what she wants to do when she takes office. I'd like to see how we can find ways to work together to resolve some of the things that we know me to address school funding is one of them. I think that the Michigan school research collaborative that was done last year has some opportunity for us to do something better with public school funding because we are really not addressing the long term issues lawmakers today. We're also told about the resources to them and where they'll be sitting on the house floor w w j news time eleven thirty six chilly conditions out there and snow has been a flying. It's expected to do so overnight again and into tomorrow, the Accu weather forecast and your Friday evening drive next. Let's think about customization presented by Liberty

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