GOP says Dems are pushing 'false narrative' on pre-existing conditions


Issues in the two thousand eighteen midterm election is healthcare coverage of pre existing conditions in pretty much. Every state Democrats are running ads that say Republicans voted against covering pre-existing conditions. But is at the real story. I had a chance to chat with Headley heath manning. She's the director of policy for the independent women's forum. And the first question, I asked her was if these ads are being truthful, well, it's not and that's one of the biggest misperceptions about the repeal and replace efforts in two thousand seventeen you know, the GOP made a lot of efforts to try to include those protections for people with existing conditions. Namely, the Affordable Care Act made it impossible for insurance companies to deny coverage charge. Higher premiums on the basis of pre existing conditions at a lot of those protections were going to remain in the loss of the GOP was actually being pretty soft in terms of their actual repeal of that portion. And if you look at the polling seven in ten Americans think it's very important to keep those protections. So I think the political pressures in remain on the GOP, I keep those protections in place. But I hope that the GOP will revisit the issue and really lead on it rather than simply embracing the framework that the ACA would would leave him place. There are better ways to protect people with pre-existing conditions in number of people with preexisting conditions. That actually face barriers to coverage was a lot smaller than you know, what the Obama administration had been saying. So there's there's simply a better solution to this for USA

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