Defensive Coordinator, Jimmy Butler And Todd Haley discussed on NBC Sports Radio


Twenty seven minutes as the warriors route. The bulls won forty nine one twenty four elsewhere the timber wolves edge the Lakers one twenty four one twenty Jimmy Butler, scored thirty two points. Knicks beat the nets won fifteen Ninety-six blazers topped the Pacers one zero three ninety three was the Sixers over the hawks one thirteen ninety two the kings stopped the heat one twenty three hundred thirteen bucks beat the raptors one twenty four one nine nuggets over the pelicans, one sixteen thousand eleven and in overtime this. I got by the Mavericks won thirteen thirty four points. Monday night football. The patriots beat the bills twenty five six seven mccourty in eighty four yard interception return for a touchdown sealing the victory late in the fourth quarter. The Cleveland Browns fire head coach Jackson end offensive coordinator. Todd Haley defensive coordinator. Greg Williams will serve as head coach in the interim. This is NBC sports

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