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And the oak view group in making a presentation to the league the National Hockey League. Komo four news producer, Scott Malone. Follows the NHL closely on his blog the deputy. Commissioner of the NHL has said that one of their concerns. He said this in early September. He's at one of their concerns was is the arena going to be finished Seattle NHL group wants to have a team playing here by late twenty twenty. But the city of Seattle says renovations on keyarena can't begin until until there's a formal agreement with the league Scott says the NHL is likely to vote on whether to grant Seattle a franchise on December third or fourth. Komo news time five ten time. Now to talk sports and a lot of people still talking about that flip the bird. Yeah. And we'll we'll talk with Greg bell in our next hour. But if it is the end of the road for Earl Thomas here, it's just very unfortunate on a number of levels. Second time in a two year period. He suffered a significant fracture to his lower left leg. This will apparently end his season and likely his career is a Seok and raising that middle finger apparently to coach Carroll as he was carted off the field. I don't think anybody. I felt real good about that. So bottom line in terms of wins and losses. They got it done struggle. But got it done yesterday in Arizona now two and two and have a massive challenge on hand with the unbeaten LA Rams do at CenturyLink on Sunday. And I think we would all like to forget the last time the Rams were in town to play the Seahawks last season. It was not pretty at all baseball action today an extended day of play for four teams to to were tied in the NFL west to tied in the NFL central. So they had to figure out who the winners were in. The got it done today is the dodgers at home knocked off the Rockies. The cubs at home lost to the brewers. So tomorrow the nationally wildcard game. We'll have Chicago against Colorado. We'll have more sports in thirty minutes. Traffic and weather on deck. Komo news time five eleven. Did. You hear winging.

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