Key Witnesses Did Not See Misconduct By Kavanaugh


Have renewed their definitive statements saying that they did not see any of the sexual misconduct at a few women say they suffered at the hands of supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh. We're also hearing the FBI is coming close to completing their investigation now regarding that FBI investigation today. President Trump was asked about it in the rose garden. They started on Friday they worked on weekends and late into the evenings. The FBI is really working hard. And they're putting in a lot of hours. So hopefully, they can come up with what everybody is looking for. But no, I'm guided by the Senate, I wanna make the Senate have because ultimately they're making the judgment. I'm not making the judgment. I've already made my judgement. The Senate is making a judgment on judge Kaverner, or this is a very important thing to do President Trump is currently in Johnson city, Tennessee, holding another one of his make America great again rallies. This

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