Asian markets give up early gains; Nikkei about flat


Eighty mortgage trading with most of the region's major indexes recovering from session. Lows into the close. Japan's Nikkei falling buys your point four percent while Australia's balling by zero point five percent. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index recovering from early losses to end the day absorb point five percent while China's Shanxi in composite index edging zero point two percent higher. European markets are trading higher today with the stock. You're paying six hundred rising zero point six percent. And the Footsie-100 up went percent. Crude oil is staging a relief rally up one point eight percent. During a November where prices had fallen more than sixteen percent. Go prices are edging up zero point four percent while the US dollar is down zero point two percent. Roth technology stocks are rising during the month. Win market leaders have otherwise Wallin sharply and Netflix shares are up one point four percent while Amazon Inc is up two point eight percent. This is the stockings.

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