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I the two free throws. Calmly drains in both thirteen points on tonight for Jaden on me. I point to the second half thirty three to thirty the Vikings over top of the Panthers. Reggie prior free throw line. Faking attack driving the pain had it right back to got blocked. A second time. Alexander ends up with the ball Keyshawn keys. Driving a paper trail Alexander back atop the Garvan Clark. Governor Clark looking for the pick by Mario Lacey. Tried stupid it up in for the basket looking for foul. Call nowhere going. So he missed that shot over to the Vikings going the other way quickly Freia getting his first basket of the second half of play. So prior. Now with five or six points on the evening for the Vikings. Alexander from the deep left wing for the Panthers. The second quarter third quarter of play. Both is back up tonight at three point shots. Thirty five thirty three the Vikings over top of the Panthers, Florida. What a night drive-by Dona wag the Vikings. He went up and distant off to a cutting Khalil mitchum coming alive and a third quarter plays also points in the night for Mitcham coming in the third quarter thirty seven thirty three the Vikings of the Panthers. More relate the top over to Richard Pryor on the right wing guarded. Highly by going away. Richard Pryor fix by. Mario Leithy finding Garvan drive driving the paint. Put it up looking for a foul. None called in the hands of complement for the Vikings cross core. Jona wag wag over the that fire to the basket for the Viking strong. Take. Pretaped and prior second bucket. Third quarter play. He's got a point on the evening. Thirty nine thirty three. The Viking style backup point advantage for the Panthers. Two fifty one remaining in the third quarter play Reggie prior from the fifty feet out too short on that jump shot rebounded by way for the Vikings going the other way need a grading at three point shot. Need with fifteen point nine at night. And the Viking. Gretchen that lead. They were down. They were up by only one. About a minute and a half ago. And now they come alive. For a nine point lead. Forty two thirty three over top of the home team. Equally bath or the Viking. Five point. Third quarter points in the third quarter Khalil mitchum in four points for Jason prior. But I think another unsung player. He's only got one point tonight has been Jona wag coming to the ball game. He's brought a lot of energy in a couple of nights on companies buckets most recently for the Vikings and their bench getting very excited with strong playing the last minute and a half to send that one point lead to a nine point lead with a couple quick back. It's mercy Yuka Panthers. Thirty four remaining in the third quarter of play forty two to thirty three the biking with the nine point lead versus the home team Ukwa Panthers. Then you can read about this game. Tomorrow on news herald, remember to visit new type in herald dot com. Start radio WINZ bringing in high school hoops you Panthers. Looking to inbound the ball fell Alexander the Garvan Clark Arben Clark taking on the whole biking thieves. Put up switching in a euro step trying to get that layup up a layup, drew the foul. Stopping the clock with twenty nine to go in the third quarter of play Garvin park. No point in the third quarter after thirteen in the first half going to be shooting through for the Panthers. Governed park missing strong on that first free throw attempts. Vikings getting ram Koppelman back into the game is killing away taking a seat. Eleo mitchum. Graham koppelman. Jackson in the game right now. Reckoning? It'd be taking the game. So all their starters accept decent prior in the game. Reggie watts. The game for the Panthers. Also Latrell Alexandra off the bench. Real lacy park party the players in the game right now. A meat looking to penetrate showing quick passing over to Koppelman Koppelman driving to the basket quoted from about five feet out. Nice. Take by gram compliment for the Vikings. Vikings up by ten points. Now, forty four thirty four REO lacy with the ball up top over the Reggie watts. Reggie watts with the left hand pulling up from fifty feet out. Couldn't get it to go strong rebound by the Viking Koppelman ends up in the hands of. Panthers though, trying to pay the ball ends up being the Panthers getting it. Reggie watts. Short on a three point attempt rebounded by the Vikings going the other way. Without over the hawk me. Trying to three point shot. Couldn't get it hardy with the big rebound for the Panthers reaching in there with Jason prior. The foul and the Vikings who's gonna be Panthers fall forty four thirty four the Panthers down at home versus St. Joe's the Vikings minute and a half to go in the third quarter of play a lot of action we found in this quarter that the Panthers got this game into a one point deficit. But. The Vikings not to be outdone and going on a run and getting up by as many as. Ten point right now, forty four thirty four KB hardy driving to pay nearly travel. The ball. Try dishing it off to Garvan Clark. Is it went out of bounce is going to be Viking ball minute. Twenty one remaining in the third quarter play DJ clouds. They're trying to calm the team down a little bit to settle down to get back in the game. Complimented the top hats and over to Jason prior teeth and prior back over to complement on the right wing in highly guarded by Reggie prior looking pretty cutting Jordan Calhoun nice floating past the prior for the Vikings. He's got sick points in the third quarter play carbon park quickly going the other way, take it to the basket. Water backed by Jason try. It'd be looked at the pin. Don their fee for the A biking sodas the most in their Fowler that block shots is looking to inbound the ball cutting. Mario lacy floated up in. Panthers. Since the second basket or third quarter, play forty six thirty six ten point lead for the Vikings inside a minute to go forty four seconds of meeting in the third quarter of play. Me being guarded by Tyree. Duckworth second in for the first time in the third quarter Panthers. Over the Jordan. Calhoun Calhoun being guarded by Garbin Clark Apopka. How meet started by Duckworth? Me looking to dribble is much of the box office. He can duck. We're trying to stay with them. Jordan Calhoun, driving on Garvin Clark. Jordan Calhoun Pathan over back over to how he'd being guarded by Duckworth and seconds remaining in the third quarter play. To dribble out the clock. Taking deep NBA raised three point shot to strong rebounded by Mario Lacey. Cuffs the ball up the legs the court to shorts and a little bit too short for the Euclid panther ended. The third quarter of play Panthers. Got this one point deficit in the early going into the third quarter play with the Viking extending back out to a sizable advantage and point lead. Forty six thirty six we're gonna take a quick break and come back for the fourth quarter in this.

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