Alonso hits 1st career HR to help Mets beat Marlins 7-3


In the Marlins Pete Alonzo was becoming a hero in New York. Well, he went really deep. Second rider to the bell is first pitch Alonso crushes one of the air deep to right center. This is career. Four to three Homer at a right center field a personal milestone at a huge one for the New York bits as they've got it front of the Marlins. Now is how he rose WCBS. Josh did you see replay that home? I mean that looked like hit like a two iron with we crush that. Very you BUSTER. Yes. A two iron. I was actually going to go with a three wood. But no probably a little bit more accurate. Who bet he he he when he hits the ball. He kills it. I think I I read that it was the longest home run by any anybody in that ballpark. Since John Carlos Stanton was with the team Mets win that game. Seven three. Don Mattingly Marlins manager was very unhappy about some calls in this game. I guess I'm not supposed to complain about calls or whatever. But the league look at it because it was shaky tonight. I understand the whole Marlins aren't supposed to be good this year. And I guess it's okay to pile on. But the they got a it's got to be better than that. Shakey tonight.

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