New Election Ordered in North Carolina Race at Center of Fraud Inquiry

AM Joy


According to MBC news. This is the first time in US history that anew election has been called for a federal office because of election fraud that with Jimmy Williams and joining us Judd leg author and founder of popular dot info. And judd. This is pretty extraordinary because Mark Harris was defending himself all the way to the end. Their point appointed, which it wasn't clear even knew McRae. Dallas the person who perpetrated these frauds, and then his son got up on the stand. It all change. What happens now is he likely to run what happens, and is there going to be any remedy against him for this frog? I think he's very unlikely to run. And here's why there were his sons testimony you played a clip. It was extremely compelling and dramatic, and essentially he breaks down the idea that Harris had been talking about since the election that he didn't know anything about Dallas. Or the fact that Dallas was involved in legal activities because I was warning him not just for weeks. But for years that Dallas was trouble. But the real problem, and the reason why I think he may not run again is that he was also exposed the fact that he did not turn over to the investigators the emails that establish these conversations with his sons, and then was lying on the state under cross examination from the lawyer representing the democratic candidate, Dan McCreevy that he had told his younger son that he didn't expect those emails to come up, so sort of know ille- withholding information from the investigators. So I think the combination. Of all that it just looks too bad for him. I don't think Harris will run, although he hasn't indicated definitively their way.

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