Cut, trade or keep Derek Carr? Weighing Raiders' options with QB

Dari and Mel


Derek Carr was an MVP caliber guy not long ago, then this year adapting John, obviously supporting cast trading away. Amari Cooper, Paul knows better than anybody is Jon Gruden in your opinion, sold on Derek Carr moving forward or will he have be tempted to look at Cuyler Murray with that pick number four in the first round, he's tempted, and he kinda showed his hand a little bit at the senior bowl when he talked about how he's had to throw away all of his prototypes. When he looks at quarterback when it comes to the height weight speed kinda marriage a little guy. But he said until drew Brees started doing what he was doing until he saw what Russell Wilson did. And now with Carla Murray in his lone year, really as a starter in college. Yeah. I think he's tempted, but he's also kind of ramping up a little interest there because as Mike Mayock himself said if there's a cluster of guys at Ford that you don't really love then you train out of that. And so. A lot of different schools of thought going on here. I do think that the Jon Gruden likes. Derek Carr a lot. And he did improve a lot down the stretch when he wants to started getting used to John to John system and really when you look at their past. There's only been one year where he's had the same system in consecutive seasons. And that was the year as you mentioned that he played in a league MVP candidate level and that was in two thousand sixteen. So I think they're real interesting to see how he's going to go there. I don't think that dissuades him from from looking at Karla Murray and ramping up that interests a little more. But you know, the salaries already guaranteed at nineteen point nine million. So that that kind of answered the question there too. I

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