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Farewell, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki


To hall of famers went out on the same night tonight. Dwayne Wade playing his final game for the Miami Heat. Guess we showed up he didn't realize they're going to be there his boys Carmelo Anthony. Chris Paul LeBron James. They all were there courtside is he messed around and had a triple double in his final game NBA career Dirk Nowitzki playing his final game for the Dallas Mavericks got a big hug in a conversation. From Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs had everybody heaping on Twitter when they saw that kind of reaction. Dwayne Wade had a chance to talk about what it means to not only retire but doing at the same time during the Bisky to you know, to be able to, you know, be insane breakfast one integrates in the Dirk play way more years than me and. He was great before I start planning NBA. And you know, so I've been watching him for a while. And to be able to to you know, to be in a situation where hopefully one day we both can be Springfield together at the same time. You know, I it would be pretty cool, you know, especially because careers along together from the championship standpoint, you know, of us being dollars dollars knows and what that did for our careers. So I think as I think is great. So he had an amazing career. You know him to be able to walk away from the game. Now twenty one years later and everything he accomplished especia-. So you had D Wade flash. Poopie father prime one side they had Dirk dirty tall Bala from the G German race on the other side, Dirk Nowitzki in history over thirty one thousand points, Dwayne Wade in his career over twenty three thousand points. We can raise a conversation had a better career, the easy answer might be dirt. But I wanna how simple that really isn't. We have to look at the totality of both. These guys careers, and I think you gotta look at both ends of the floor. I mean what Dwayne did defensively things on three all defensive teams throughout his career. I mean flash in his prime could lock up anybody. I don't know. It's a difficult conversation because dark was the more effective inefficient score. And I think to me the edge goes to dark because always imagine what we'll say fifty years from now. Right. Yeah. And who they'll be I think Dwayne away fifty years from now, we'll be a really really good player a great player in the hall of fame and people will say that guy is air was one of the greatest players who who play in the NBA. I think we'll look back at Dirk and say the seven foot big man who could shoot threes in an era where we were moving towards spreading the floor and spacing right? That's the guy on the poster. For that. I mean, the fact that I was watching the national title game here Minneapolis on Monday night. And there was a significant stretch of that game between Texas Tech in Virginia where there was no true big man on the floor. I mean, that's how important spacing is becoming in basketball. Thank god. And Dirk was doing that in the late nineties and just changing not just the way that teams played. But the way that NBA executives viewed the big, man. That's a factor for me. That's why LT. We talk about greatest football players of all time. That's a factor for me. When you're talking about game changers. That's why Dirk to me gets

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