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With Justin trans or one of the most prolific contemporary songwriters. Justin's written many of the songs we've broken down on the show. Justin Bieber sorry on as make me feel Selena Gomez, bad liar. And Julia Michaels issues with who he collaborates frequently Justin is more than just a songwriter, though. He's also a prominent LGBT and gun safety activists. He served on the board of glad and he uses his songwriting platform to advocate, his politics and to boost marginalized voices. He's prolific thoughtful and instructive on how someone can embed their activism into their work so named I think you're going to really enjoy this one. Here's our conversation with Justin Justin thank for joining us. Thank you for having. So in your Twitter bio, you are song writer activist. And today, I want to talk about both of those sides of your wonderful music. And I think what we're going to see is that they. They are inseparable. Yes. But let's let's jump in and talk about your music. I because we always want to do on the show. You are coming today with a song that you've covert in with do aletha hauled swan song, it's the end credit of alita battle angel and it serves as both a pop song and film score. Chris O works. Hopefully, we'll see. So let's just dive right in take a listen to that. Sounds. On the. Breaking walls the walls. The same as Diana. We've got. Well, thank you. So I just want to start and ask what does this once on swansong is I think the end of someone's career? So their final moments swan dive swansong, it's like your your final moment. For me. Watching the leader definitely song. One hundred percent written for the movie. So I saw the movie I it was a huge fan of the enemy and to me. It was just this woman. Cyborg, whatever we want to call this brilliant character of alita kind of comes into her power and realizes through her history and through being true to herself that she has the power to change the world. And so this is not her song. Yeah. This is not her swan dive, it's a new life. So both you and Duleep have gone on social media and talked a little bit more about some of the meaning behind the song. And that this is not a swan song is about the fight for Justice. And that it's not just the beginning of five for. This is an ongoing battle. Exactly, it's was wondering in the songwriting process. If there were bits of sort of intentional thoughts about how are we going to embed topics of Justice in this? It was all very intentional. So when I saw the movie I was just so excited that was like, wait. I get to like write a song in this. Character is an activist. Like, right. We don't think of it that way. But like superheroes are all activists there like fighting evil. They're fading wrong in alita. It's very much like the rich live in the Sky City and the whole rest of the world because the world's been destroyed. So the only people left are all dirt poor and live below the Sky City to get that sort of activism in the song was what what's what's the point of my lips if they don't make noise. So like an idea of like, we all have a voice, what's the point? Why have a voice if we aren't using it to speak out against injustice? Alita has this insane power. She knows this martial art form that only has died. No one knows. But she she knows it and she's. This crazy cyborg that has her body has technology that other bodies don't sidewalk bodies don't wrote. So she is has this extreme privilege, and as I always say what's the point of privilege if you don't pay it forward. So to me like elitist the ultimate privileged activists using her privileged for good. And then also we say in the pre chorus is very much inspired by act up which was the from the eighties still exists today, but started in the eighties HIV and aids activist group that ended up saving millions and millions of lives with their with their fight. And their motto was silence equals death. And so that idea of staying quiet the same as dying. So we're tried to find subtle ways to really infuse activists history in into the song. That's a beautiful woman. I want to take a second and just play the pre chorus so people can here's there. Because the. Same as Diana. Obviously

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