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You some three three hall of famers from Aliquippa? Right. And then we get Rivas coming up producing with roofs for sure. Congratulations, by the way. Thank you. Thank you tie law. The newest wolverine to be elected to the pro football hall of fame. What was that? Call like tie. It was incredible. I mean, I've been in the room as far as the pilots last two years. May you never know what's going to happen? Because there's so many great players when you down to the final fifteen after they chop down from one hundred hundred and twenty guys something like that. And you just never know because it's so so hard to get into the pro football fame. You know, they don't just give those out. So, you know, it was it was amazing to give the not because I really did not know if I will get it, you know, and you know, I thought of course, you know, with my for Digital's in championships and the track record and the long jetty, but guess what those other fourteen guys, you know, have the same case. So I'm just so honored in in humbled that they were did they say me worthy Samy fit to be shrine in a pro football fame. Because it's something that I've worked on from day one. And I've always said that you know, about it at the end of the day. You know, my goal was to be shrine in the pro football hall of fame because of guys like might bicker, and the, you know, my uncle Tony Dorsett where I strove for that. Because I spent my summers in high school in Dallas with Tony. So I got to be around it. I got to see his Heisman Trophy. I got the see his hall of fame bus and in. No, those are the things that drove inspired me. So, you know, just to be an atmosphere and being blessed to be around. Tony, you

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