2020 election could be another 1972 for Democrats


Me. It's fascinating looking back at the nineteen seventies in as someone that has studied history, and you know, about how sometimes there's these political cycles. It's fascinating to see how what happened in nineteen. Seventy two is starting to play out a little bit now as we get close to the the twenty twenty elections. And I was hoping you might be able to explain what happened in seventy two compared to what we're seeing today. Yeah, it's interesting. The the similarities are really Erie. Basically what happened in seventy two is you're coming off an election in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight where the incumbent vice president Hubert, Humphrey ran and lost really a razor close election. And he had won basically by not participating in the primaries. You only piss in one South Dakota. We came in third, but he went a lot of delegates at the convention. So as a result that was really? In. There was really there was there was a lot of incense between between between really inflamed the liberal, but the liberal insurrectionist anti-vietnam people was forty two, gene. Mccarthy in the primaries because the won the primary supported the Johnson ministrations proliferating in Vietnam war got the nomination. So it was a result in the general election. Eugene McCarthy finally get endorsed Hubert Humphrey, the kid by saying essentially, probably the most lukewarm endorsement, you can imagine. Support Hubert Humphrey and asked him I said my and asked my supporters suffer with me. And then. Where? I mean, I don't know. I don't know if you can take an endorsement that's a lot to try to fit on a button. But I'd I'd wear that. But that's funny. And then what happened was so after sixty eight from Richard Nixon Republican beats Humphrey, and then you have the scenario where you McCarthy who was the only really anti Vietnam war candidate really galvanize Westport among them by nineteen seventy-two Nike seventy one seventy two the there's a seismic change in the Democratic Party at moved to the left and the Vietnam war now, even Hubert Humphrey was running again opposed to be Warren called for termination of all troops in south East Asia. So now, gene McCarthy just one of many candidates matter of fact, pretty much majority of candidates were now opposed to be at Phnom results. You've lost that issue in seventy two. He runs again and Hubert Humphrey runs again if he kind of the establishment candidate. I mean, you haven't this time around you have George McGovern though, because he was seen as more galvanized into the anti Vietnam war can't war insurrectionist, so Israel, real key. Who was two hundred one at the beginning when nomination gene McCarthy is an afterthought only win three. Point six percent of the of the vote the popular vote among the democratic primary winner primary contested. And as a result, you have George McGovern winning the nomination then going onto lose miserably in the general election only winning one St. Massachusetts. Phone South Dakota. He and he wanted to why he knew the district Columbia. What's interesting is you see it very similar Somme or today because in two thousand and sixty in sixteen Hillary Clinton won the nomination, despite the fact that a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters felt cheated win a lot of the leak memos. Catchy note that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic Party had tried to basically basically worked rigged the system for Hillary Clinton results in the general election. Bernie Sanders did come out he did support Hillary Hillary Clinton. But now, you have the scenario we are a lot of Bernie Sanders positions for Medicare for all for example, for a single payer for healthcare for breaking up the corporations breaking up, the big bang and democratic socialism. A lot of those issues are now the mainstream the Democratic Party taxing the rich Camille, the Harris, for example, was moved to the left on MIR. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts running the scenario. Bernie cares. Not the only liberal alternative to the more. Moderate establishment, the Democratic Party. And it'll be interesting to see if he can. A lot of the people over somebody like Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii. I'm a lot of others are now running is progressive. No, there really aren't very many New Democrats. Never Bill Clinton ran down a crowd of moderate democrat. There really aren't now we have Mary where everybody's essentially moving to the left and Bernie Sanders is just you know, it's just one choice of many lip pretentious liberal candidate. You only see a couple of very few New Democrats. You have the Beto veto from down from Texas who lost Iraq Iraq, you lost to Ted Cruz. You also have some people are talking about in south bend, the mayor Buddha judge Judy judge. Yup. Yeah. He's also someone that's kind of like fresh blood for them. But other than that, you see a lot of the same names coming up people are like crossing their fingers Joe Biden runs again, which is fascinating too. Because you know, he he sat out, and obviously if he would have ran during this last election that would have really complicated things you throw him into the mix with the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders popularity going on the one I would look to to when I think when he does. And now somebody who if you're looking for somebody who gets votes in red states. Steve Bullock in Montana's, a very interesting candidate because he was just reelected in Montana by four points the same election when Donald Trump won by twenty five twenty point and got about twenty five percent of Trump's supporters. If he's one candidate could make that general election case, perhaps. But of course, right now. He's known as Peter Budaj Jagan, you know, some of the other. Yeah. And big part of this too. Is that it's you're looking at a Donald Trump that's going to run in a lot of times. You are curious. What are the odds that he gets elected? So he's got a lot in his side right now, the fact that he's the sitting president adds a lot of favor to him being reelected. You see historically speaking that seems to help pave things a little bit. But even if you look at some of the polls coming in and you look at some of the people in Vegas when they set the odds, they're still setting him as the by far favourite. And I think that when you have a crowded democrat field in you don't know who's gonna come forward on that side that also hurts the Democrats costs us because they don't have like one person they can rally behind right now. In the case of the Republicans are kinda worked in their favor. Last time you saw Donald Trump rise to the very top in a lot of people were reluctant because they didn't want him to. But he's still didn't regardless. I don't know if there's any democrat that could rise like Donald Trump did during this last election. Yeah, it's interesting because if you're looking for somebody like that. Donald trump. And you're looking for somebody who basically people would not be thinking of right now the one candidate. I'm not sure she can win. But the one candidate. I think you're gonna see. Well, we'll surprise a lot of people. It's healthy gabbert the congresswoman from Hawaii simply because she's running. It's kind of a younger version of Bernie Sanders. This is somebody who was the co-chair who had worked Democratic National Committee lifetime, actually resigned. Her post may end up supporting Bernie Sanders because you're supposed to technically be neutral what she has a lot of other candidates. Don't have EPA episode and non interventionist foreign policy, and that's something that has peeled really across the political spectrum. Remember when Ron Paul ran, for example in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve a lot of liberals who didn't Mike is positions. A lot of other things like position on being a non interventionist and TC only can it in the field that emphasize Matt right now. So I can see her really taking a play for that type for a lot of example, a lot of independent voters. A lot of liberal voters. Who think Bernie Sanders is perhaps a little bit too all a little bit more charismatic? That's the one that I would watch. And as I say. That's deep. Bullock, the governor Montana. If he does run I do think if you look at these polls that show what Democrats want more than anything else. One AD logical. Purity is an eastern buddy who I think can make the case that you look I've gotten elected into red state interested state, I've been relatively progressive governor of expanded Medicaid expanded gun control. I've I've supported campaign finance reform. He can potentially make that case. It's kind of like Bill Clinton in ninety two. He certainly wasn't the favorite of a lot of Democrats who thought that you know, who I think would would grabs in heart wanted somebody like Jerry Brown or Tom Harkin or someone who's more liberal they closed Bill Clinton because they've not a power for twelve years. He he could win votes in the conservative state of Arkansas and Bill Clinton got the nomination that time and tarp emphasizing that I think there could he could potentially move up those the two candidates. I'm kinda watching right now, then you really haven't had much name recognition back and see where they can make an

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