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Me because I was trying to think actually last night. I had a lot of work to the yesterday. Otas ninety St. one meter remind you because we when we came back from the new year. We decided Mondays are going to be nineties Mondays to help ease you and me back into the week. But it's actually kind of already my week because I worked yesterday in Saturday too. So. This. I was trying to think how is it that? I how do I want to break this down because this got really stupid over the weekend? Not not just the green deal by itself. But the way that it was a rolled out. I didn't think anything could be rolled out worse than the do. You. Remember that the healthcare website? The website how much should we spend on that? We spent a billion dollars on that website. It was like a billion, right? And you all remember the website right for the unaffordable Healthcare Act. So when we rolled someone that website rolled out. It was a disaster because it didn't work. And then in certain states, you couldn't even sign up etcetera etcetera. I didn't think anything could beat that disastrous rollout until the green deal. And what makes this particularly special is that the green deal the rollout. Is that it it? It's they just did they just introduced the product the product was so bad. It was so incredibly bad that they ended up trying to lie about it and having to change their story. So when we were last together on Friday. Was it Friday or Thursday that I read that every with these people all their craziness runs in together? Was it Friday or Thursday? So I read the deal off of the website and the website to which I'm referring the original one that I saw was Cortez's website. And I so I had I read it off of her website. But then while we were on air, she took it down. And I ended up the link that I shared on Facebook because I had originally shared a link from her her congressional website on my Facebook page and people were saying that link doesn't work anymore. So I switched it out the NPR link because Cortez the other socialist sent the. Copy of the their green deal to the NPR. And I might add that was also the copy that they sent to all of these congressional leaders, many of whom already came out and endorsed it before she removed it from her website initially. Now, why is that her removing it from a website, initially important? That's what I'm getting into. So this is what happened. One of her, and we bring this guy up one of her senior advisors. I guess Robert Hockett he is the senior adviser to Cortez, and he was on Tucker Carlson show, and he lied his ever loving backside off he lied his backside off because he had said that the phrases that we all discussed. I he tried to say that everything to which we were objecting in her green deal wasn't even actually in her green deal. You guys that it was never there particularly the portion where it said and that was on page two or page for where those who are guaranteed economic security for those unwilling or unable to work. And so he went on Tucker Carlson showed we have this audio and lied his ever loving. But off about this. And this let's play that. Because he he lied about it. And then he ended up getting busted about line about it. Apparently, we don't have it even that was at the top of my show sheet beginning yesterday the. The whole economic security thing he said was actually he said it was not in there. He goes, it was it was doctored. He says it was doctored. And he then he said it was that that it was being passed around by Republicans, and by conservatives and media matters. The George Soros funded democrat attack dog site took that clip of pockets saying that it was and they centered around everywhere, and then even court, and then court has linked to all these people discussing it. And it said that she said that the Republican party. She said circulated false versions. Her words, I'm quoting her. She said when you're green new deal legislation is so strong that the GOP has to resort to circulating false versions. There was never a false version that was circulated that version was up on her website. And Furthermore the way back machine when you go to Google when you go to Google archives? The way back machine has that screen shot. Of all of it as it originally was on her website. That's when it crawls through different websites. And it takes a photo of them for the lack of a better way to put it and it preserves them, and it doesn't get every page every day or every site every day, but it got hers and the way back machine show that it absolutely unequivocally in arguably irrevocably up on her website. Just like it was. So she's the lied about it. So they took it down after she started getting really embarrassed. And then they tried to put something up, but guess what was still in it. The unwilling to work line was still in it. She just she tried to rephrase the cow. Farting part and put emissions by cows. I'm not kidding you. This is what these people are doing. They spent all weekend. Senate Republicans lied about it. And that it was that Republicans lied about it. And that it was all of it was it was a media hit job by Republicans and conservatives, how dare they that's when you know that this legislation is so strong. And then they I they edited out the reference to Cal arts, then they deleted it. Then they put it back in a put it as emissions. And because the internet never let something like this go they have documented every single change that they did on the website and try to lie about every single one. Now, keep in mind before this plan was taken off of her website. You already had Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and everybody endorsing it just the way it was because that's the truth of it. That is the absolute truth of it. So you had this adviser who lied about it? And media matters pushing it huff PO picked it up Huffington Post bent themselves over backwards business insider business insider, ran a headline that said the that said that the Republican media is pouncing. Of course, they use the pounds. They said the Republican media was pouncing on the socialists on they said, the here was the exact headline quote Alexandria, Kashia Cortez accidentally released a document that supported an pain Americans unwilling to work conservatives attacked her for she didn't accidentally release it. It was put up there. And it was actually kept in there. There was no accident releasing of anything none of it. I mean, it is absolutely shameful. This is why people don't trust legacy media. This is why we talk about quote, unquote, clenched fist of truth. Fact checking and fiscal an addition genuis and dishonest media because they lied about. Here's our advisor listen to this. Here's our advisor line. About it. Put it out we ever pay people who are quote unwilling to work. I ever would. Here's never sent me. Like that. Right. I think you're referring to sensitive document that come. I think some doctors document that somebody other than office has been circulating keeping right from her that was in the background or from her offices. My understanding no, though, she's actually tweeted it out to laugh at it. If you look at her latest tweets, it seems apparently so. Then. Decorate an absolute lies ridiculous. Finally, Robert, he said Hawkins said that she tweeted it out to laugh at it. And he goes it's pretty apparent that? They put it out there yet. Now, it's all archived. It's all their snapshots of all of it. It is it's all out there. Unbelievable. But this is why people don't trust media. The media's gas lighting you. They're they're absolutely gas lighting you over this. I am more meteorologist on this coming up. Also, Elizabeth Warren is always the victim apparently over the weekend, Trump, ridiculed her and suddenly again, he's the racist because heaven forbid Democrats, hold their own accountable. Liz Cheney did not take the encouragement from the media to go after the president on this. And I think that if you are a racist, white democrat and your appropriating ethnicity for your own personal gain. You should absolutely be ridiculed. Yes. You should sit down have a million seats, you should absolutely be ridiculed. And so she Liz Cheney Representative Cheney was asked about this. And she didn't take. I mean, she at didn't take the bait on it. Not at all. And I think we have this. And we don't we'll we'll have to play that later. We're just going to go to break right now. More the Dana show after this. When it comes to self defense magazines are just as important as the firearm, and the ammo you carry you've heard me talk a lot about elite tactical systems speed loaders and how they can load a Megan under three seconds.

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