'El Chapo' guilty: Notorious drug lord convicted by U.S. jury


Or less the notorious drug Lord known as El Chapo found guilty in federal court in New York. We got the latest for Mark Remillard with ABC news. The jury finding Guzman guilty on all counts. ABC's Aaron Katersky has more from New York. The jury in Brooklyn federal court convicted Joaquin Guzman on all ten county faced he was charged with running a continuing criminal enterprise as the leader of the Sinoloa cartel. A position he used to smuggle at least two hundred tons of cocaine into the United States. Witnesses described schilling violence Guzman unleashed on rivals. And the paranoia of a man who lived constantly on the run. Jurors heard of narrow naked escaped through tunnels and of the electronics. He used to spy on mistresses. And his wife Guzman now faces life in prison Aaron Katersky, ABC news, New York that Jerry had to consider those ten counts against Guzman. But we're asked to make Fifty-three decisions about whether prosecutors had proven various elements of those crimes, El Chapo, also faces charges here in Chicago, though, it's unclear if he'll ever be tried here. He was dubbed public enemy number one by the Chicago crime

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