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Found a way to inoculate teens from eating fast food, possibly, maybe. What's the secret? It's Photoshop to Photoshop contest premise that. We did at cracked. Okay. Yeah. I like when you're reading this you jumps to say you already did the study. I did this. Okay. Well, let me explain to people who might not be the study you had already performed essentially they found a way to get teens eating healthier by making them feel rebellious. Right. So the things they founded this experiment. So they during what they call the intervention where they just present these kids with information the intervention produce an enduring change in both boys and girls immediate gut level emotional reactions to junk food marketing messages and teenage boys. When it came to giving up junk foods started making healthier drink and food choices in their school cafeteria almost immediately. So basically, they read an article that framed corporations as being manipulative with their marketing and like making junk food as addictive as possible. So the truth. Population. Yeah. Like, the, you know, low income young people, right? And they frame it. As though like, this is a very specific article that they presented to these kids. But you'd get the same message from sitting inside one of those companies marketing or sales meetings like that's what they do. Right. So anyways after presenting that with them, they gave these kids the ED's for some of the products that those companies sell end just get told them to make it true by writing like, basically graffiti style on top of the ads to let corral some of the some of the misconception can rebels. Sick. I've had graffiti lachey fucking put a mustache on this, dude. And blackout one of his teeth on enjoy a burrito. But yeah, I think we said like translated like popular ads translated for truth or something like that. But is what you did at crack is what we did at cracked dot clarity. Did children. I believe that's actually Wu Tang children. We'll I guess we'll go with crack. Couldn't you just show them like only like a embarrassing cool dad's eating fast food. Guy with like khakis, and like a bluetooth or

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