In the golden age of streaming, does film history have a place?


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It's Oscar season a time when we celebrate the history of film, but what if you want to actually sit down and watch some classics that was the selling point of one streaming service film struck that AT and T recently shuttered fills drug showcased directors like Fellini, Kurosawa Kubrick. It was the darling of Sinophile for the two years it existed given that streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon seemed to be focused on making their own original content. Could the golden age of streaming actually mean that film history falls through the cracks and Hornets is senior film critic for the Washington Post. She has high level thoughts on the death of film strike and the future of classic film. She says film strike never released its subscriber numbers her best educated. Guess is about one hundred thousand compared to about one hundred and forty million Netflix subscribers that's tiny. But Hornets says the fan base for classic or indie films has. Value beyond sheer size. It's a highly engaged audience. It's a very loyal audience. I mean, they have value. So whether the movies themselves, quote, unquote, don't have monetary value. I would maintain that they do have value. You know, in terms of the people who watch them, and what they are willing to pay to watch them, and it's not just everyday viewers, but also filmmakers who care about access to a rich array of film history the day after films struck announced it was closing. I happen to spend time with Barry Jenkins who won the Oscar a few years ago, his movie moonlight won the Oscar for best picture. He's just out this year with an exquisite movie called spiel street could talk he is an ecstatic student of film, he's constantly reaching back into the cannon into the history of the medium to enlarge and elaborate on his own emerging vocabulary and language and so for someone like him he was Crespi. On that it was going away. Because you know, when you talk about people like Barry Jenkins or Paul Thomas Anderson or Guillaume or del Toro, all of whom came out very very vociferously to support the site a resource like film struck helps these emerging artists to find their voice. And then it's also educating all of us viewers in terms of what they're doing. I think it was sighted of Warner Brothers and their corporate overlord AT and T not to kind of see the value in that. As the new streaming giants court the best in the business to make their original content or today says showing support for the canon of great film could be a hook. I think that's what Netflix has proven this year so aggressively going after people like I'll find so Koran and spending so much on the Oscar campaign for his movie for people like Martin scores says he will these are film lovers. And I mean, I think as they're trying to impress these tours and convince them. To come with them because they love art, and they love or tourism, a show of good faith would be to express your support of this archival legacy work. I mean, I think that could really sway somebody. She says despite the demise of film strike. There are other ways to stream vintage movies art house and cult films and other non mainstream cinema. There's a subscription service fan door. Also, canopy with a K available with your public library card and the library of congress L O, C dot gov. I got admit I'm not a major film buff. So I asked Hornets for suggestions on what to watch something. That's not a superhero movie, she suggested not a film, but a TV show on stars. And I kind of freaked out. Can I tell you what I'm obsessed with it's it's it's not even the one. I'm obsessed with speaking of stars is counterpart. I'm totally caught up on her part. We did this last week. I just don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm beside myself. I it's so good. Yeah. There's out. I've pretty good taste. 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