Juve will not rush Ronaldo back into action after injury - Agnelli



That's twelve days away on Cristiano Ronaldo's injury his clip manager. Allegra had this to say you started moving again, but caution is needed. He'll return when he's at his best. And there's no longer danger of relapse. So let's bring in Dr Makoni show, we gab I know you don't, but you aren't good at reading between the lines. What's your suspicion willy be upon that first leg in twelve days time? I would tend to lean towards no in the sense that the word coming from from event is that obviously they're going to assess him closer the time. But they're very clear on the fact that Ronaldo's happy to play through pain. He's done that before. But what he won't do is said this as well. It's better to base one game than one month's. They're not this is a two legged affair. They would rather. There's even the slightest risk of re-injure they would much rather.

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