Alex Jones, Twitter And Eric discussed on The Candace Owens Show


I will say this now, I didn't speak when Alex Jones got banned from Twitter, and I should have. And it was wrong for me not to. So I've done the same mea culpa, by the way. I've said this post it happening Jones getting booted from other platforms. I did a show with Eric lines. And I said, you know, I think that we ninety w actual dark web, whatever you wanna call this loose group of people that have been coming together and talking about these things I said that I think we should have offered Jones. A better defense. It has nothing to do with anything. He said if I tell you truly that I have watched maybe five cumulative minutes of anything he's ever done it. It's mostly just twenty second videos on Twitter of him screaming. So I don't I actually don't I don't even the sandy hook thing. I'm not I'm truly not that familiar with most. Lemme sat. Visit

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