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Group chat messages like what's happening, and I discovered Tristan Thompson and Jordan woods skank, cheated behind chloe's spouse. So if you have been living under a rock, and you don't know anything about this quickly Tristan Thompson is khloe boyfriend baby daddy who already cheated on her three days before she was about to give birth. So I already felt we already knew he was actually even know she took him back. Yeah. She did. She's like. The sake of you know, like I need to work through this for the sake of Mike child. It was just born. Hey, listen, like, I know what it's like I have no idea what it's like to give birth to a kid and then have to make that decision. So like, yeah. Literally. No judgment. Yeah. In trying to probably judge now if she took him back but one hundred percent, yeah. Yeah. They clearly don't do that to us girl police, so she took him back, and Jordan woods is Kylie jenner's best friend who's basically like a freaking seventh Kardashian because she's been around for so long. She lives with Kylie Jenner Kylie

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