Jussie Smollett Arrest Stuns MSNBC Into Silence


Is the host of MSNBC's prime time lineup have oddly avoided the ongoing scandal staying silent. This says staying stone silent both Wednesday and Thursday nights about a story. That has commanded the attention of the nation all in with Chris Hayes. The Rachel Maddow show. The last word with Lawrence O'Donnell and the eleventh hour with Brian Williams did not utter small. Let's name the last two nights as all of this. New news broke about him him orchestrating elaborate hoax. So by the way, Suma executive producer said that she did watch. Brian Williams is eleventh hour on MSNBC last night. And they did not mention how can you not mention the story. How can how how can can Brian? Ian Williams, and the eleventh hour not have audio excerpts of that presser with the Chicago Commissioner the superintendent rather yesterday. Incredible. So all of those prime time shows now in fairness. Morning. Joe Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski they apparently did cover this quite extensively. And apparently, Reverend Al Sharpton was on the mornings with Joe Scarborough. But for the prime time shows all to ignore this case why because it's inconvenient. Because everyone wanted this to be a hate crime. That was essentially inspired by Trump. Is that why Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes in Lawrence O'Donnell, and Brian Williams eleventh-hour is that why they ignore this? Because the narrative that they all wanted that President Trump's rhetoric caused these white maga- Harry mega hat wearing maggots to attack. This black gay guy. That's the narrative they want. And when the whole thing is collapsed, and what they don't even talk about

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