Jason Momoa, Aquaman And DC Comics discussed on Barsky Radio


Story. The biggest story today is I thought it was the report. But apparently, it is it is the fact that Jason momoa shaving his beard off. Jason momoa was. Interesting shaving his beard. So so was that his thing you'd have a beard. I mean, so his look I mean guys find for whatever it is. I don't think he's particularly talented actor personally, but his claim to fame is that he is a very attractive cut individual with kind of a gruff, look, and he plays a superhero. He he's. Yeah. He played up barbarian character on game of thrones. And then he got the role for aquaman any played aquaman and Justice league. And then in the Auckland movie is that part of your whole deal. No, that's DC. Dismissive Toronto run run thought he was telling Garrett something that you'd be scared say, you know, as a marvel comic nerd, so he thought he was telling you something that that he'd wanna know. And Jason momoa, whatever I was thinking. Wow, you're like dismissing Ron what's that? And now, we know he doesn't replace for the wrong team plays for DC comics interest. I said to my goal. So judging by your reaction, not that's not that big story is well it is you're interested as beard. Dismissive excuse, right. Right. Don't get me wrong. I liked DC movies. I thought I thought it was a very fun movie was fine in it. I just I'm not a big trip back. All

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