Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child


Yeah, you've got the mumps measles coming to Arizona. You know, most of us got the m are the mumps measles mumps rubella. And we thought these diseases had really pretty much gone away. Right. I had both you had both. I had the measles was less than a year old. And I had the mumps when I was four. I had the mumps when I was five, and you know, you can get the mumps even if you get inoculated for it can happen to so. Yeah, it's not there's no guarantees in life. But it is is the smart thing to do for your kids. But I, you know, I I was doing some research for a column I wrote a few months ago, and it was I was shocked to learn that Maricopa County has the most non medical exemptions for vaccinations of any metropolitan area in the tire United States of America. And we're one of the few states that scene an overall upward trend in these non medical exemption. So a medical exemption is I'm not getting my kid inoculated because I'm not giving them getting in vaccinated because they they're allergic to something that's in the vaccine their immune system is is not healthy enough for them to get vaccinated. And those are the people who are at risk for the people who decide I don't want my kid getting a vaccine because I heard from Jenny McCarthy who's famous for being naked in a magazine I heard that they can get autism from her. I heard that from her you don't get it from her. You know, if you listen to her you get idiocy from her. That's what you get. It's contagious Jenny McCarthy's guide and Alicia SilverStone. Who's I put it earlier? Who's also anti diaper. And Charlie Sheen. You know, Amy, really these are the people we listened to instead of instead of scientists and doctors and traditions, and so yeah, you've got you got the mumps in here in the valley. You've got it in coaches county. You've got this child in in Pima county with the measles. Twenty fifteen. We had one case of measles. And prior to twenty fifteen the last time we had measles was in two thousand eight we had an outbreak at that time. That's Paula Mandel with the Pima county health department. So it's here. Don't listen to the nutty celebrities, listen to your pediatrician, and I hate it. I hate it. When my little ones have to get shots. I hate it. The six year old has started to get a little more logical about it. But there was a time when we had to like hold her down, you know, but I know in the long run, I'm keeping her. Safe. And and what I'm doing is. I'm I'm keeping other people safe other people's kids save who cannot get vaccinated.

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