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Yeah. And the bodies are dropping fast, right? Chris Cox Christianity's both leaving the senior leadership team. What does that mean to you firstly, tell listeners you might not be totally as in the Facebook world is you like where did they set for how long how close to Mark? And why are they leaving at this point? That seems like it's pretty a pretty critical at least public perception wise moment to sort of turn around Facebook after the past like year and a half of unrelenting drama and scandals over how they handle users stayed at. Yeah. And I don't think we can understand how important this day was for the company. I mean, Chris Cox in particular has been there. I think thirteen years or more. He's why. Viewed as one of Mark's closest confidants let all product for Facebook. He got promoted to lead every division you have Instagram messenger. Facebook what's out about a year ago, and may and his departure when former employees described to me as were

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