How to Use the Word 'Deviate' in a Sentence


D E. We I. I E T E R treasure hunt game was planned for the employees during a team building drive. Each team was supposed to follow the clues given on the map any team that will deviate from the given path. Would we disqualified team number two completed the task Vela head of others? But was disqualified now, can you guess why will because they deviated from the given route? This means that they did not follow the given fuck instead, they took another route just to ahead of others. Listen carefully. How we can use the word deviate in eight different situations in eight different sentences. Example, number one of eight Arvin was supposed to give a speech duting the office award function on leadership after speaking on leadership for a few minutes. He deviated from the main stopping and began speaking on communication skills. This impacted his promotion. Example, number two of it. The new bugah joint and town was quite popular as it was having Burgos faster than any other restaurant or Kathy. Do you know why I they had a foster v of cooking? Secondly, the staff would never deviate from the cooking and serving process. Example, number three of it. The metro railway construction was causing a lot of disturbance to the people travelling by that route the main road was blocked for construction and a diversion was created for the traffic every one traveling by that road had to deviate from the regular path and take a longer route example number four of it children tend to deviate from any activity that they are doing at a given time hence, MRs Simon main her lessons so interesting that every child would focus on his own activity for a longer time. At BMI English speaking, we conduct English fluency courses at our training centers in Mumbai. And yes, we also conduct online courses in English fluency for you to know more about these courses. Visit our website, WWW dot VM consultants. India dot com. Example number five feet. The Patil family had planned to go for a safari on the weekend due to heavy rainfall the wildlife century was closed for a few days, hence, they had to deviate from the original plan and visited a beach. Instead, let's see what example number six has in store for us. Everyone in the town was excited to watch the ice skating finance as Joe was presenting the town in this championship. Unfortunately, Joe lost his balance and deviated from the choreography, hence, he couldn't win the championship example, number seven eight. Wash was preparing for her medical entrance exam after of thinning a distinction in HUD, twelve grade. She cleared the examination of it. Good marks. However, she deviated from the medical field and took up architecture. This was because she realized that she was passionate about designing state of the art offices with create interiors. Do you know we are at which example now, we are at example, number eight or fate doc was responsible for supervising the office building construction. It was slated all scheduled to be completed within two years. The construction was halted for a week due to heavy rains. However, his strategy is well and did not deviate from the date of the final handle. Wow.

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