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Does Kobe Bryant have more influence over the Lakers than Magic Johnson?


Kobe Bryant has just as much if not more say so in the Lakers organization that Magic Johnson who's been with the mega donors as and I don't think anybody's nine that. Because we know that Pelinka would even be if it were not for Kobe, but I'm still not going to put an Koby like he's running organization. I'm sorry genius. Has the power wants you exercise it, but I'm, but I'm taking it to another step as brothers as a black, man and brotherhood. If you have a relationship with a guy. That she was mentor by magic with the Lakers before you. And then now you put another guy on rob Pelinka, yo Asian so you had a personal relationship with both of those guys. So if there was something going on between the two you supposed to step in and say, hey, man, this is our play for this team. He played for this team. He's the president. We all can work together. But because that didn't happen. You have to put the facts Kobe Bryant saying he's playing a major partners by just not saying nothing. Okay. All right. What's your point about K D because I'm running out of time? And I definitely want to hear that. Well, K the you know, I've been on record saying you're playing basketball. Well, guess what the depressions on you have to three you have to close the deal you chose to leave. Okay. See to go to Golden State the same. Lebron leaving Cleveland go to Miami anything less than three Pete. It's a failure. And Golden State magic couldn't complete three P and eighty nine. They couldn't do it the dream. Couldn't do it Bronco. Do we win Kobe? We saw Michael Jordan doing. Twice. And my point is this if Kevin Durant is the best player basketball if he wanted tell everybody that he's number one and number two you have to solidify three Pete and win and go to go anywhere. That's your position his position go to stake three P go to steak win if Kevin Durant continues to look this way his Patrick Beverley, and then he advances and the PJ took of the world and cats like that get all up in them like they're capable of doing. All right. Looks that way against them. Even if Golden State does win it's an incredible blemish. Kevin durant? Wait, you can't leave me with this one. That's an injustice on the bronze aim for last two seasons. My checking and Kevin Durant. If that happened. Well, you could say that wait a minute way. You could say that. But the point is even if you didn't check him the reality of the situation is LeBron James's years not accepting the toughest defensive assignment from. Opening tip off like the Kawara limits or like Kevin Durant was willing to do against him. So as much as you might maligned LeBron for that. And remember, I'm not talking about LeBron really because debt. I don't wanna talk about him because he's he's awesome. The reality is that we had a look at it that give you the last 'cause I gotta go and thirty seconds. He were sixty point game in this playoff. Okay. Appreciate the call.

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Does Kobe Bryant have more influence over the Lakers than Magic Johnson?

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