Can Whitening Products Really Damage Your Teeth?


Well, now, we have a report that ingredient in whitening strips is actually harmful to deep layer of the teeth. They say that hydrogen peroxide in it, the active ingredient in over the counter whitening chips may be harmful to the layer under the name of the teeth. They say the teeth are made up of three layers the outer Anabel, the underlying Dentin layer, and connective tissue that binds to the gum. The middle layer Denton is rich in proteins and has a lot of collagen strong. Most studies on the safety of hydrogen peroxide have focused on the Anabel. Now, the chemical is known to penetrate, the camel and just reached the Denton. Even though in miniscule amounts. According to Dr Hewlett associate dean of dean school of dentistry spokesman for the American dental association. It wasn't volved instead of explain it. Now, the senior author of the study Kelly Keenan and associate professor of chemistry Stockton university of New Jersey said in a statement that she and her colleagues sought to further characterize what your hydrogen peroxide was actually joined to the collagen. Now, I'll whiting Prenton the United States can approximate or carbide peroxide accords the American dental association. So you're tire teeth and artificial saliva. The researchers actually watched the collagen in Denton breakdown. Into smaller proteins when treated with hydrogen, peroxide. So what passed the Anabel into the Denton? They say results show that the trailer without a proxy concentration. Similar to those found of whitening strips is enough to make the original collagen protein disappear. Now, they caution against generalizing the results obtained and teeth that aren't necessarily still the body these were extracted teeth because you know, your teeth in vivo, maybe a little more resilient than in vitro in vivo means in a living body in vitro means in a lab or Petri dish. But I'm not stupid hypoc and peroxide gets broken down into water and oxygen h to to what the hell of Cadillacs an enzyme co Cavalli's breaks down into the H to an haute. Water knocks Jim and the down can be caustic.

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