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Despite frequent little earthquakes like the magnitude three point five one that shaikh orange county awake this morning california is overdue for the big one size just degree the state is going through a sort of earthquake drought glenn bio is a seismologist with the u._s. geological survey in pasadena he published a study today on the lack of major activity around three phones the san andreas santa sinto and hayward one of the the simple estimates that a person may is on average we should have three to four quakes in this fall said decides every year or every century pardon me and we've not had any and zero is pretty far from three to four he says the last significant or groundbreaking earthquake in southern california was in nineteen eighteen it was magnitude point seven centered in eastern san diego county along the santa cinta faultline or paper shows that this hundred year hoping period with no ground rupturing earthquakes shouldn't happen the eighteen hundred saw six large quakes on this trio of faults researchers warn californians are at risk of a hidden danger complacency as memories fade about what the big one can

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