Dangers of 'drunkorexia': What happens when you skip meals to drink


It's called drunk Rex. So it's a it's a combination drinking and eating disorder. Now. We've probably all thought about this at different points in times of our lives. But we know that when you when you're drinking alcohol you need to eat something. Because if you if you drink really any amount of alcohol and don't eat, well, then then you can start to feel it earlier and the alcohol abuse and alcohol National Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism says that close to sixty percent of college students ages eighteen to twenty two most of those are underage, but that they do consume alcohol which makes. Which makes it important that they know how to how to do it safely and unfortunately campus authorities, and researchers are reporting a practice that turns the full stomach drinking strategy on its head. So not eating and drinking a lot. So rather than filling up before and I had a partying a lot of students are not eating at all the day before or the day of consuming alcohol, and it's and it's got a term now it's called drunk. Ereck zia. So it's part eating disorder part alcoholism, and it's a very dangerous combo, and especially for college age kids. So it's it actually started showing up in medical research around twenty twelve and so it addresses, the really the need to be the life of the party while while stain extremely thin pointing to a a flawed mindset about body image and alcoholism with with college students, mostly women. Now. There was a there's a number of reasons why this is unhealthy. Number one. I mean, just medically that if alcohol is pariah prioritized over food. It could result in nutrient deficiencies like calcium B-vitamins magnesium fiber and protein, but also that if you go out drinking on an empty stomach and you're underage just I mean think about if you don't eat all day or you even or you exercise all day, and you don't eat. And then you you drink and you drink a lot. Well that because there's no food in your system. It helps slow down the absorption of absorption of alcohol and bad things can happen alcohol hits quickly brings up the same issues as with any high risk drinking getting home, safely sexual assault. Unintentional injury fights blackouts hangovers, and that may affect class attendance and grades. So drunk wreck Zia it brings up the point that this conversation needs to be had if

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