A New Kind Of Airplane


You probably remember that heavier than air flight was first cheap by the Wright brothers in nineteen zero three after more than a century airplane technology is mature, and we shouldn't expect major breakthroughs. You're wrong. Don in twenty eight teen a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology developed an entirely new form of airplane. Propulsion that doesn't have any moving parts. No all airplane proposal involves moving services like propellers were jet Roeder's to push the air. How could you possibly make an airplane engine without moving parts and statin leading parts? The researchers used electrical charges the engine used fine wires with forty thousand volt charges to cause some air molecules to become electrically charged. Or I and is d- then they used these electric charges to accelerate the mass of air moving through the engine creating an Ionic wind that flows out the back, the wind powers the airplane. Just like the wind generated by moving propeller. That's right. Pretty impressive. No moving parts or burning fossil fuels are needed. When can I fly on one? It'll be a while the test flight used a model airplane that weighs just five and a half pounds with a wingspan of sixteen feet, they fluid indoors at an MIT. Jim the longest flight. Was one hundred ninety six feet which was just a bit longer than the Wright brothers. I flight the efficiency of the engine depends on the arrangement of its electrodes and the search for the best arrangement is just getting started. There's still lots of research ahead. There's moment of science comes from Indiana University. There are thousands more moments of science on our website at a moment of science dot org. I'm ya'll Cassandra dog glass.

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