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The head of the army says President Abdelaziz Bouteflika should be declared unfit to rule and removed from office is the strongest signal yet that Algiers powerful military is abandoning Mr. Buda flicker who's eighty two and in poor health after weeks of protests. He he's Taha reports achieving media described the army chief's comments at the dropping of a massive bomb. Addressing the military lift Hanan general Amagai solid referred to an article in the constitution which can declare the poster president vacant if the office holders, unfit to rule General Saleh said this would be an immediate solution to the crisis in ALgeria, which would need the legitimate demands of the people there have been weeks of mass protests against president would've liuqiu under the constitution. The speaker of the Senate Abdelkadar, Ben Sallah would become acting head of state pending an election within ninety

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