When you think of Ichiro's career you think hits and steals, but don't forget about his incredible arm


You've heard Ichiro reported his he's going to retire after this game today that they're playing this morning in Japan. Now, he has three thousand hits I did some research. Thirty two players have three thousand hits twenty-seven have five hundred home runs. If you're a player, which which feet would you rather achieve five hundred home runs or three thousand hits in today's game. Five hundred home runs. Three thousand hits is nice. But I don't know if people really look at that is that's an incredible it is an incredible feat. I don't know of today's baseball generation looks at that and says boy he had ten consecutive seasons of two hundred hits or more along with Pete Rose. You also stole five hundred basis. I don't think that we look at though, they're not glamour numbers anymore stolen, bases hits. And it used to be. But now, I think it would be home runs. If I could have five hundred home runs as opposed to three thousand hits today twenty years ago. I'm taking the three thousand hits factor in sabermetrics with that opinion because obviously on base percentage has become in some people's mind more important than batting average. You remind me of sabermetrics, I never think of sabermetrics the game. I mean, I don't know if it changed it in a good way. I think there's so many stance with baseball that you're you're you're drunk with stats. You drowned in those stats homerun, very simple. There's nothing to factor in with that. It's just you hit a home run. What if back in the day, they decided to walk counts for a hit which would have been very reasonable. Measure, in fact, probably more reasonable than not counting for. I don't know why they decided not if they did that then you would look at Adam Dunn is I'm sorry. The former White Sox slugger as as valuables in each row. It was just a random decision statistically, not to count walks. Yeah. I mean, you count points for free throws on base percentage. I know that that's a big deal. But it makes you well you keep saying Adam Dunn. One of the great players because I look at on base percentage. I just think a guy who strikes out one hundred eighty times to two hundred times in a season. You're not even putting the ball into play. How can that guy? Be that valuable. Okay. He walks hits home runs or strikes out. That's not somebody. I wanted my lineup. Yeah. Paulie? He didn't really have a great base percentage. No. He did. He did not walk a lot. We do. We ran the numbers a little bit each came into the league at twenty seven. And he was he won MVP as a rookie and rookie of the year. If he would come in just two seasons earlier at twenty-five with how good he was you could tack on another almost five hundred hits he'd be sixth all-time he'd be over thirty five hundred hits. If he just came in at age twenty five twenty seven. Yeah. Now, he's a great player didn't win. Anything was baseball. You can be selfish in a team sport. Because it's you at the plate. Now, there are other mitigating factors in there. But still you go to the plate. It's just you. And he's playing in right field. He was very good outfielder. Great arm. I don't know how many Gold Gloves, but he won a few Gold Gloves out there, but three thousand hits five hundred stolen bases in first. Ballot hall of Famer he came into the league with the Seattle. Mariners magin if he would've came into the league with the New York Yankees with how he came out of the gate. Oh, one through nine. He was through two thousand ten all star every year top twenty MVP every year. Imagine if you did all that with the Yankees where he'd be looked at

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