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News for SpongeBob. Squarepants fans. Stephen Helensburgh who created the massively successful animated Nickelodeon series has died at age fifty seven no word on a cause of death. But Hillenbrand revealed last year that he'd been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease LS, you can call him judge, Jerry. Now, that's the name of Jerry Springer's new show that will have him sitting behind a bench dusting off his law degree to dispense Justice L debut late next year. The only win maintain green book is an early favorite to win an Oscar not the film starring Mahershala Ali and Vigo Mortenson was just named the year's best by the national board of review. Hello and welcome to the big brother house. Julie Chen moon Dez is returning to host big brother celebrity edition when the show returns for season. Two January twenty first. Save the more and Bill Nye the

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