These are the top household dangers for your pets


Name is Dr Lori Hasson. I'm here with my colleague Sasha, Kristen Britain. And Dr Amanda Marino, and we are exotic Alvin Canarian. So we treat all kinds of fun exotic pets, including many small mammals, and we want to share some really important information with you today today, we thought we would talk to you about the top household dangerous for small animals, he's great pets in your home. But we know holidays are coming. Lots of new people and potentially new animals can be in your house these animals and people can surly pose a hazard to the small mammals that live in our homes. So we want to make you aware of these hazards. So that you can try to prevent them from happening to keep your pets, healthy and happy. So I wanted to welcome my colleagues here, Dr Britain and Dr Marino. Hello. Hello there. So what do you think is? I mean, we treat these animals all day long. We're talking really about one animals now. So when we're talking about kind of the mammals. Smullen Fuzzy's is what I would say. So anything from ferrets to Guinea pigs rodents, so rats him sisters. You name it to some of the more strange ones, like potentially hedgehogs or sugar gliders just kind of like chinchillas those types of animals or what we're going to focus on today and two meaning how many of those we actually see so many people have these cuts. I mean think about how the bunnies we see that real even seeing tons of bunnies. Lately. Yeah. We definitely see a lot of bunnies. I have one myself. And so, you know, they're little critters. But sometimes they can be a little. Mischievous and get into things that they're not supposed to. So I think that this is a pretty important topic to talk about so have you had any bad experiences with your Petithomme your money, personally, not really so many, you know, most of the time, you know, he's especially when someone's not home. He's housed in his cage that has plenty of room for him to kinda get around and move around. And when we're at home, you know, he sometimes get some free time, but it's always supervised. So you never has times necessarily get into things. But just knowing what he does things like loose wires or the other pets in my household because I do have two dogs in the house. There's definitely a lot of potential potential problems that can arise. So let's talk a little more detail about those potential problems. I know that we see this practice all the time this wires. That's a really good one. I mean, these pets are really really oral Britain. Recently, do I've had personal experience with wires with a couple of rabbits that I used to have long ago and ended up having to wires even in the back of the TV area. Where you just don't expect your pet to be able to get to those are areas that they like to go explorer. It may be a little bit warm quiet dark and area that they may want to go look into and yet there are those dangers of those wires being there. So these guys can easily chew through wires in when they chew on them, especially if they're plugged in. They can give them an electric shock, and that can be a significant danger for an animal, whether it's a rabbit or a rat. You name it not only ingesting that material could become a problem. But also the shock itself if it is plugged in that can potentially be life threatening for the animal that shot can kind of attack their heart and their lungs and caused some dysfunction there, and they can start having breathing problems. So definitely something to be aware of. And and the good thing is is that there are things that we can do to help prevent them for getting to those areas in the first place. So there is almost like a predictive plastic that you can put over all of your wires. And just make sure that the animal can't get to them that way, not only they're all picked up an organized, but protected from the animal itself, and those are things that you can purchase from anything from like a electronic store that's near you. Or just a general store to be able to collect those wires and protect them from from your little pets teeth. That's so we do see mouth burns horrible electrocution and one of the things we don't think about with wires, as you mentioned when they ingest them is a lot of those wires have heavy metal in that, Mike, zinc and copper and when those are ingested in the year, slowly digested in these animals gastrointestinal tracts, we send some serious signs neurologic signs gastrointestinal problems. They can even be fatal. So those maybe things that are happening. Behind the couch that you don't know about. But you gotta be really really careful. I

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