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Midas touch everybody. That knows him gets a promotion gets gets head coaching job gets a fresh opportunity in the NFL these days. Thirty two years old drew Brees is forty years old. So we got a coach versus a quarterback today and the quarterback is the old timer and the coach for the Rams is the new kid on the block McVay worshipped at the altar of Jon Gruden. We're going to talk to you a quarterback who played in the Jon Gruden system in about twenty minutes time here on the pony express. CBS sports radio. Last year. Sean McVeigh was heralded as the best coach in the NFL short of baby Doug Peterson because he took a four inch wealth team got them to the playoffs won the NFC west transformed Jared Goff who looked like he was going to be a draft bust dot under. Jeff Fisher looked like a totally different quarterback under McVeigh's tutelage this year, they came into the season with heightened expectations because of the moves the Rams made in the offseason. They got Dhamma Kim Soo out at a discount number after all the money. He made in Miami. They bring in Marcus Peters. So now you've got a legit number one corner. You made a gutsy trade with Kansas City to get him. You brought back girly another year under goff's bell. You got the contract on with Aaron Donald when the season started. The Rams were right there. Among teams who were the pick to win the NFC. In fact, I believe they were Vegas liked to Rams patriots SuperBowl when the season started. They weren't sure yet about Mahomes. They liked the saints. But they didn't like him enough to make him the top team in the NFC. I think for McVeigh this is a very important game in this way. If he if he loses there's no shame in going to the Superdome in losing. But it starts the clock on when will he actually win something? It starts the clock on. Hey, we fell in love with you were the flavor of the month. But now it's time to start winning championships. So if if the saints beat the Rams, it starts the timer on McVeigh producing championships. He's going to get a contract extension. Jason lockenfora from CBS sports is reporting that this morning. So okay. You did it as a young coach the first two years. Now, let's see results like going to Super Bowls and winning them. If McVay beats Payton. Then everything we've seen happen. If the Rams beat the saints, everything that's gone on here. In the in the coaching carousel in the last three weeks is validated. Zac, taylor. The quarterback coach in LA getting the Bengals head coaching job. Guys who are not even Nick acolytes. But kinda look like him cliff Kingsbury. Getting a head coaching opportunity. It makes sense if McVay wins this game the line says three and a half. I think that the saints record in the Superdome shows that they're not to be taken lightly in a situation. Like, this you always install them as the favourite. What we're gonna find out in this game is how much of a quarterback whisperer in an offensive guru is is Sean McVeigh because if he can Jared Goff to go into New Orleans against that defense, which leads the league and take away since we can. If he can get big if he can get Goff in the drew Brees is house. If golf can beat breeze at his own game. Then McVeigh let's canonize him tomorrow. Let's get the statue erected outside of the new ram stadium. Let's add that to the architectural designs. Get fat in there. Jared Goff stinks. Outside of Los Angeles, ten touchdowns and nine interceptions. His passer rating is eighty two point seven which would have been fine in nineteen ninety two. But the problem is it's twenty nineteen. He stinks. Outside of LA. The saints. Stop the run. That's run defense in the NFL. The most rushing yards by in opposing running back. This year Zeke Elliott seventy five. Didn't give up one hundred yard rusher. I feel like the CJ Anderson story. Ends in New Orleans. Reagan's out. That's one player. He's a significant player. If it were on the road, I might feel differently. But it's still the Superdome where the defense has the edge with the loud stadium. Seventy five yards is the most they've given up all year that came on the road. So you've got a really find it's hard to find a running back that had a strong game in New Orleans this year. No one really did. You take the runaway or you limit and control the run can Jared Goff deliver. Everything about golf to this point in his career. Look look at the bears game earlier this season. Look at what he did in this game you through for tiny yards, but they were all cosmetic. Everything about Goff to this point tells me he can't win a game. Like this. If McVeigh can coach him into a win. Then his mailman should get a head coaching gig in all the jokes that have been made about how McVeigh has this incredible ability to get the most out of offensive players. It'll all be true. If Gough goes into New Orleans it has a better game than drew Brees. Eight five five two one two four CBS this eight five five two one two four two two seven. Check us out on the free radio dot com app. Your satellite radio subscriber, Sirius XM channel two oh six. We're always on. CBS sports radio dot com. The show is called the pony express. Coming up next. We're going to talk to a guy who played in Sean McVay system a quarterback. Who knows what an offense like this is all about. So his thoughts on golf today. His take on the breeze Mahomes matchup. Get some winners from an excellent NFL quarterback on the pony express CBS sports radio and right now, it's time for the latest sports update with Gregg Caserta? Sports flash Andrew Super.

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