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Arbor ticket. A Cumulus station. Cream? Follow kreme. Oh company on Instagram for tips and giveaways after a slow start LeBron James and the Lakers have moved into the fourth spot the west they're just two and a half games out of the top spot. The conference though wrap up a four game road trip tonight in Brooklyn, though, they've won seven of ten they're coming off a loss in Washington. But nothing that a little break. Couldn't cure for LeBron company. Rest we have today. So no excuses, obviously, you know, with the ban on Tuesday but seen him down washed again before we played a hundred and forty seven points. So we got to be ready to defend forty minutes. The nets have won their last five their longest winning streak in three and a half years Pacers. Currently on the league's longest winning streak at seven in a row and host the Cavaliers who have just seven wins the nuggets who hold a share of the top spot in the west for their fourth in a row against the Mavericks. Also tonight, the hawks host the wizards college action second ranked Duke takes on Princeton in the penultimate non conference game. Manx chef skis team leads the nation in scoring margin. And. Blocked shots in the blue devils have already shown this could be a special season. If we stay healthy, we're going to get better because they have good attitudes. They have great chemistry. They believe in us. I believe in them all those we had all the intangibles. We just have to get the experience of a plan. We got all the intangibles. It'll be the.

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