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Apple, Omaha Steaks And Jay Z discussed on Kim Komando


They've taken the latest, apple iphone and attached. A gold plated apple watch onto the back of the phone. You ready for it? So you get not only the gold plated, apple iphone. But the gold plated apple watch all for a low low price of twenty one thousand and fifty dollars. That's right. That's nineteen thousand two hundred fifty dollars more than just the regular iphone and stainless steel apple watch series for perfect for the Kardashians. Kind US probably once one or Jay z yon say they called the iphone Swiss. Dreams watch phone straight. What could possibly go wrong with this? Now, if you don't have that kind of Bank this year. Remember, caviar always sells just the gold plated. Apple watch individually that they low low price the affordable price of just three thousand dollars. Yikes. All right. Let's talk about Omaha Steaks this

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