Texas Libertarian Ron Paul: We don't need Trump's border wall


Homeland security front and center for the administration. President Trump Thursday heads to the US border with Mexico to tour what's been built at the border wall. And what remains to get done? USA radio's Timberg says libertarian Ron Paul like, the Democrats not into the wall. Here's his report as Democrats and Republicans still cannot come up with a deal to end the partial government shutdown on Thursday, President Trump will travel to mcallen, Texas to tour border facilities and also meet with border agents. Former Texas congressman Ron Paul was asked to barter. Border crisis on CNBC. Terrier? I don't wanna walk people in. I wanna walk people out. But I don't want free open borders, either, I think you have to remove the incentives for people to come and they come because there's a welfare system here. Easy access to citizenship is politicized one group wants him because they think they can get the votes, but people should be able to come and visit and

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