The Dolphins' Hook and Lateral: Is it the future of football?

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Dolphins. Six ninety nine touchdown was the longest touchdown with no time left to win a game in the Super Bowl era. That's good. Okay. Is the hook and lateral. The future of football Robert Mays show twice today. Man, more teams should do it. It won one game and had the opportunity to win another. But the Steelers when forget your Chris Boswell compensate went full Steelers. Yeah. I kind of think that one of the things I've talked about when when people have asked you what the next step in football is I actually think it's kind of it's not hooking laterals. It's sort of multiple people having the ball in the backfield. And then one of them throwing almost sort of like what the saints are doing a little bit with three quarterbacks. I if you have a crappy quarterback, it's better to have three of them and just have a little Mr. action there. Princeton does that with on those option plays, and they'll actually hand it to the guy that's the option runner, and he's also a quarterback's throw it, right? But apparently when I tweeted about the hook 'em out bit. Some people say the guy coach calorie the guy who doesn't punt who's famous for not punting. His thing is hook him are actually the next step in football. And actually, I had a role a thing as far as you're going to say, it's the same thing. Yeah. I've never I've never used that phrase hook and lateral before the Wikipedia says hook and lateral sometimes referred to as hook and ladder. But it's called hook and lateral. The Wikipedia I've never said hook and lateral in my life. It's a regional thing. It's like pop verse coke there you go. I just said, you you say, and you firmly believe that was the that was the term. I was like, okay. Well. I wasn't going to come in on shore. Good for you, buddy. I do any research. I appreciate that. I've always had hooking ladder. Maybe that's just the varsity blues influencing the way, I talk about football. Well, it's all. It was it was nuts. I mean, the play was insane. It was absolutely crazy. I even watch in real time. It was too hard to process. I mean, you have gronkowski back there. I guess to prevent a hill. Mary. And then the last thing you want with the guy who can't move that. Well, being your last line of defense happens. Right. So rob gronkowski is not the guy who went back there. That's so he's not Earl Thomas, I think we learned that today or. Or like Julio's defended those plays pretty pretty well in the past. Knocking those Johnson Calvin John yet. Yeah. Calvin Johnson has been a great great last play guy. But they knew they knew it was going to be a hook out excuse me, hook him out. All they said that the I mean you had to it would've been a seventy seventy yards in the air is capable for half the quarterback. Just not Ryan tannehill. Heff the quarterbacks might be strong. But yeah, I mean, I bet I bet a lot of them could throw seventy yards in the air.

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