Kickstart Your Memory with the Jennifer Aniston Neuron

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Com slash curiosity and use coupon code curiosity. We're going to wrap up with some compelling memory research, and it's all based on something called. The Jennifer Aniston, you're on it shows how easily our brains drawn new connections, and you can use it to kick. Start your memory, except now, I'm just kind of sat never got into friends. I never did either. Let's play name the friends characters name more. I've got Rachel and Phoebe. Is there a Carl? Now, wait any Zander. It's new Sander of Ross, Joey, yes. Nice thing. Ding, ding. This has been the most fun game show. We've ever played in this podcast. Well, don't worry. This science requires. No prior knowledge of the TV show friends, except knowing the Jennifer Aniston wasn't it in this whole thing comes from an accidental discovery in two thousand five a team of epilepsy. Researchers were trying to find the police in the brain were epileptic seizures originate this started to notice a strange pattern in one of their participants. Every time she saw a picture of Jennifer Aniston, a particular neuron would fire in her brain the trend showing her the words, Jennifer Aniston, and again that same neurons would fire the tried bringing up Jennifer Aniston in other ways, and every time it shot off the conclusion was inescapable for this particular individual. Anyway, there was a specific neuron tied to the concept of Jennifer Aniston. Other participants in the study had their own unique triggers for particular neurons. In one they found a particular neuron associated with Bill Clinton and in another they found one for Halle Berry and the subject's brain would react as if they recognize the person, even if the person was unrecognizable in the image. So for example, the Halle Berry part of the brain might fire off if the subject saw her in her cat woman costume as long as they knew beforehand that the actress had been unfortunate enough to win that role. This actually tells us a lot about how our brains work though, as we learn to recognize people places and things our networks of neurons. Start to store that data by developing particular patterns of activity, and it's surprisingly easy to manipulate that pattern, for example. Sometimes Jennifer Aniston neurons would light up when they saw Lisa Kudrow that implied that part of the job. The neuron was doing was making a sociation. Lisa cujo, made her think of Phoebe from friends which made her think of Rachel from friends, which made her think of Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel the biggest takeaway from this is that making us association between two concepts could be one of the most. Effective ways to kick. Start your memory, the one that comes to my mind is always thinking of a person, you already know when you meet someone new who has the same name that is my number one tried into trick for memory names. See what other associations, you can make and see how much you can

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