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Stone in that circus like seeing this morning after the very dramatic pre-dawn harassed. We've talked about it earlier in the show twenty-seven FBI agents seventeen vehicles. If you've seen the video CNN, the only network tear wonder how that happened heavy armament all of that one of the topics this afternoon. Eight five five four zero five two five five is whether the American people are going to be frightened by that. I think they should be. And and this is why what the special counsel, and I have to believe the special counsel orchestrated this this morning. And if you're skeptical of that, you really believe in a situation like this that whoever is in charge of this local FBI office isn't isn't going to be fully aware of how the special council wants this arrest executed now, I think clearly the special counsel was in some way, shape or form involved in orchestrating this show this morning. I think. Shows desperation on his part because listen, if if you really believe that that Roger stone was colluding with Russians or has solid evidence that the president colluded with Russians it's cetera. Then at that point, you don't need to try to to intimidate him into into flipping through these kind of tactics. I think this shows desperation on the part of the special counsel. And again, it hurts me to say that I'm a law enforcement guy my dad account for thirty years. But it's it's just the truth as I see it and one thing that really ticks me off about how they conducted. This raid this morning on stone stone fan. I'm not if I had if I only two categories, and I had to put stone a good guy category or bad guy category and put them in a bad guy category. I'm no stone fan. I don't know. Whether he committed these crimes or not. But there's not even an allegation that he colluded with Russia. No. But I am furious about the way this was carried out this morning. There is no suggestion no reason to believe that this was necessary to protect law enforcement look at my data cop for thirty years in Chicago. You do what you need to do to protect law enforcement. And I am all for that. You win by a mile not an inch. But when you're arresting Sixty-six-year-old man, and Roger stone who's made no threats and all you have to do is call his lawyer to arrange for his arrest something like this this morning should scare Americans. And it ticks me off because it's such a disservice to law enforcement right law enforcement like my late, Dan law enforcement, like all the men and women on the streets. What does this scene like that this morning? Doodoo americans. It it it. It scares them and the FBI and institution that for darn good reason has has been held in preeminent status in this nation. What does it do for the FBI the special counsel, if my assumptions correct wants to try to scare Roger stone in to to doing something, you know, all of the sudden law enforcement across the country may be viewed more suspiciously. You know, as a tool of the political process. This is a real disservice to law enforcement, and my my goodness. You know, only a handful of ways you could ever bring down a great nation like this. But one of those ways is if you start criminalizing political differences, and if you start using the power of the law and law enforcement itself. To punish political enemies. Or to gain or keep political power that could bring a nation down at least a nation as we know it. So people should be very concerned about this. I expect a big backlash big backlash against the left. When this Muller investigation comes up empty ultimately in terms of collusion with the Russians by Trump. I expect a big backlash. She peaceful one backlash at the ballot box a big backlash as we get back to our phone lines. He wanted to give you this update. We've been covering on this show that important story up in weld county. And welcome to our listeners six hundred K C O L out of Fort Collins of the young man. Remember, the twelve year old taped to the chair in a Greeley area school and Evans school and the DA had decided not to bring charges. We talked about allowed loud on the show. I was very concerned because the DA had not offered an explanation. I've heard a lot of good things about this the Michael Rourke. So he did call me today. Appreciate that. And what do you explain to me was that? There wasn't even close to the evidence of mental intent that would be necessary to charge the teacher because she intended it as a joke. He told me and that. Yeah. A bad joke and bad judgment. But it was intended as a joke and the evidence was that kids in the classroom. Took it that way that the boy himself took it that way. And that's why there wasn't the necessary mental state. So that was the explanation from the district attorney can now let's see what the school district does because any teacher who thinks something like that is going to be funny. So anyway that the report from the district attorney's office eight five five four zero five two five five the number. You're on the Dan capless show, the texture five seven seven three nine started D A N says, Dan, this angers me, more and more. I keep trying to compare this investigation with the investigations of the Clinton camp. I keep feeling like there's still a two-tier Justice system. Democrats go away quietly and Republicans get dragged through the mud perfect could not say it any better. And that is the clear message to the nation. These two are being treated differently because of their political party and Hillary Clinton thirty thousand missing emails. Everybody knows that trill. And now Donald Trump no evidence that he he committed the crime of collusion. Yet. The I two plus years of his presidency. You know being under constant attack. And it's it's startling to me how much he has been able to accomplish given what she's been up against during these two plus years will you're on the Dan Kaplan show. Welcome. Hey, dan. Thank you. I think I would like to disagree with most of the callers tonight. I think Trump caved, and I think he should have waited till the state of the union, and I think he should have. You know, his point at that. And you know, they weren't going to let them do the state of the union right at least now. Well, not not not in the house. I mean, he could have done it like you said. Somewhere either in the Senate or he could have done it as a rally,.

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